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Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D

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Description of Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D APK is a wonderful first-person shooter video game that is designed for Android mobile users. The game was developed by Cubic Games in 2013. It is a very attractive game as it has huge graphics with great pixels. You have the option to play the game online and offline.

Basically, it is a multiplayer mode game.

The amazing matter is that you can download Pixel Gun 3D game from this AndroidHD website for free of cost. It is 100% free for Android users. No need to use your credit card to pay. It is so popular that 100 million people still downloaded the game to play.

Pixel Gun 3D latest version is a safe and secure game for Android smartphone users. You do not worry about safety and security as it does not carry any elements such as viruses, malware that affect your device severely. Besides, it updates regularly to get rid of unwanted bugs.

So, you find a clean and smooth game for playing. In addition, it followed all international rules and regulations to set up the game. It is 100% legal. It never breaches any legal rules that create a hassle for you.

Pixel Gun 3D APK Gameplay

In this game, players are given ranked by their level. Here, the highest level is 55. If players reach the last level, then, they get awards. Different level gives you a different experience. Buying and upgrading weapons, players, characters to improve the gameplay.

Finally, the winners achieve trophies.

Key Features of Pixel Gun 3D

  • Different 11 online game modes - Deadly Games, Team Battle, Coop Survival, & Point Capture, Flag Capture, Cooperative Mode, Death Match, Survival Campaign, Deep Skins Customization, Battle Royale Mode, Single player Campaign, and so on
  • Having 100+ various shapes & sizes maps and locations that create flexibility to choose the game plan
  • Fluid system for communication with the gamers
  • Excellent sound system and effect
  • Great animations and transitions
  • Finding different 900+ weapons and equipment to choose
  • Having over 40 tools and gadgets
  • Included exciting mini 12 games
  • Upgrade weapons such as Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifles, Magic Weapons, Energy Weapons, and so on.
  • Customize your characters by using skins maker
  • Support 10 persons in one game

In a nutshell, Pixel Gun 3D APK is a fascinating and entertaining game. You never feel bored whenever you play the game. So, you can select the game to pass quality free time.

Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D

448 MB

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