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Piano Tiles

Game of Logic

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Description of Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles APK is an amazing single-player online music puzzle game for Android users. The Player’s main objective is to tap on black tiles to continue the game smoothly. You find Black Tiles on top of the screen. If you tap each black tile, it produces the piano sound.

But, giving warning about one thing that you never tap on white tiles if you do it immediately you lose the game. Piano Tiles game so an entertaining and popular game worldwide. Still, it has been downloaded over 300 million times.

Piano Tiles is absolute a safe, secure, legal game for android smartphone users. It does not contain any detriment or dangerous virus or malware that affects your devices. Besides, it followed 100% legal procedures and rules to set up and run.

So, you do not get fear about security and legal hassle whenever you play the game.

Features of Piano Tiles:

  • Piano Tiles has a perfect mixture of simplicity and addictive gameplay
  • Challenging but easy to learn
  • Simple control and charming soundtrack
  • High rating point achiever
  • Add a number of songs to your favorite list that enhances and enriches game playing experience
  • Having various albums, songs, and music of different style
  • Having 4 rows tiles such as 6x6, 5x6, 6x5
  • Update the game regularly to keep fresh and clean the game from unwanted bugs

The game has 6 modes,

  1. Classic mode: It challenges you to tap on 50 black tiles within a short time. Players must complete the touch to win the game.
  2. Arcade mode: It touches an unlimited onslaught of tiles that helps to increase speed what you want. Tiles move automatically. So, the player must keep pace with the speed. The game lasts until one tile is missed or a white tile is tapped.
  3. Zen mode: It examines how quick you are and within 30 seconds how many tiles you can touch.
  4. Rush Mode: The screen scrolls automatically like an arcade mode. Scroll speed increases gradually. So, the player needs to keep up with the speed
  5. Arcade+ mode: all tiles move as arcade mode with adding extras. Different tiles such as bomb, lightning, the dress, bilayer, double, mist, rotatory, unstable, shaky, cloudy, shift, and change
  6. Relay Mode: Similar to Zen mode but the time limit can be reset by tapping tiles. The game ends if players cannot touch 50 times before time running out. The screen moves the player’s pace what is seen in zen and classic mode.

In a nutshell, the Piano Tiles APK is so entertaining and fun-making game. So, you can choose it to pass your idle time.

Piano Tiles
Game of Logic

22.84 MB

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