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Description of PhotoScan

Do you search for the best photo scanning service for your Android?

If yes, you can download PhotoScan APK. It is a wonderful application from Google Photo allowing you to scan and save favorite photos using Android camera. It is an excellent app to scan your hard copy photos within a second. It is an effective way to digitize and archive photos.

PhotoScan app instructs you to open the camera and position a photo within the frame. Once you do it, 4 dots appear on photos. In order to scan, you need to move you’re your phone over the dots and hold it till the circle is filled. While the 4 dots are covered, the photo is scanned completely.

You can slide to the next photos and repeat a similar process to scan the pictures.

The amazing matter is that PhotoScan application is free for Android. You do not need to invest a single cent from your credit card. So, there is no chance to get worried about the financial issue. Besides, it is a lightweight app. If you install it, it never gets heavy burdened for Android.

So, you never lose the navigational and operational speed of your device.

Features of PhotoScan

There are a few apps in the market like the latest version of the PhotoScan tool. It has unique characteristics that distinguish the app from the others. So, let’s see some features and functions that must help you to get a brief idea about the app.

  • Turns your high-quality print into high-quality digital images.
  • Scan photos, documents, and other paper files
  • Having auto-cropping frames that help to edge detection
  • Option to remove the glare of the pictures
  • Maintain high-quality digital photos
  • Select, rotate and delete photos when it is required
  • Create straight and rectangular scans
  • Consuming less time to scan photos
  • Improve the performance of the photos
  • Simple user interface
  • Optimize the exposure
  • No need to register or login
  • Safe and secure app as it is updated regular basis to fix the unwanted viruses, bugs, and malware

You can automatically store photos in Google Photos. It is simple and easy- you just open the photos app select the photos and click on the export button. You get all export versions where you want to transfer or store your photos such as Google Drive.

How To Use PhotoScan App On Android

  • Firstly, you need to install the PhotoScan APK on Android smartphone.
  • Secondly, go to the library and then utilities after that Scan photos.
  • Thirdly, hold your finger on the photo to scan the photos.
  • Fourthly, tap the button Take The Picture.

Now, photos are automatically saved on your device

PhotoScan APK allows capturing exact images by analyzing borders and edges. After capturing, rotate, crop, and adjust the corners as you want. Overall, you can capture, and save, the images and share them with your friends. You do not get concerned about it just install and enjoy its service.

Google LLC

25.83 MB

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