Photomath, Inc.

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Description of Photomath

Photomath APK is an amazing education platform that helps to learn mathematics. It helps learners to read and solve math easily. The interesting issue is that this app is 100% free. You do not need to pay to use this app. It is a small size app that does not occupy huge space from your devise memory.

After installing the Photomath app, your mobile never slows down. So, it is a very useful application for math learner’s Android users. Presently, math is a horrible matter for the students. Due to the difficulty of math, students are discouraged to continue their studies.

In this situation, this app is a great blessed for math learners.

You don’t concern about the safety and security issues of the app. It is a 100% safe app that never harms your device. Still, it does not contain any elements that affect your device. Besides, Photomath application is a legal app. It was set up and came to the market following all legal procedures.

So, without doubt, you choose the app to develop your math skills.

The latest Photomath is an updated and smooth app. It is not attacked by any bug. The regular update helps to fix unwanted bugs. As a result, you find a fresh and quick app to run.

Including Topics of The App

  • Basic math /Pre-algebra - fraction, decimal numbers, integers, arithmetic, root, factors, powers
  • Algebra - matrices, functions, polynomials, linear equation, quadratic equation, system’s equation, logarithms, graphic
  • Precalculus - conic section, sequences, series vectors, identities,
  • Statistics - factorials, combinations,
  • Calculus - derivatives, limits, integrals, curve sketching
  • Trigonometry - follow the certain textbooks

Important Features of Photomath app

This mobile app is very functional and makes your life easy. By using this app, learners can solve math’s easily and simply. The reason why this app is effective for math lovers is mentioned here. So, let’s go to look below

  • The mathematical expression is solved in real-time by using your android phone’s camera. It scans and recognizes the mathematical equation.
  • Finding step by step guide to show you how to solve each problem
  • Everything is simple and easy to understand. So, children can perceive it quickly
  • Finding an explanation of every problem
  • Multiple problem solutions
  • Having a functional scientific calculator
  • Interactive graphical presentation to comprehend the complex issue
  • Finding math expert explanation

In short, Photomath APK is a fantastic app to increase your passion for math. So, it is useful and helpful for the users. Overall, it contains its appeal by providing math solutions.

Photomath, Inc.

13.69 MB

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