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Phone by Google

Google LLC

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Description of Phone by Google

Download Phone by Google APK for your mobile device from here.

It is an excellent application of Google that designs to make voice and video calls to communicate and connect people. Now, it is available for most Android and smart devices. For smooth communication, it is considered a great boon for the users. You do not need to pay a single penny to install the app.

This Phone by Google app is a 100% free tool for its users.

It is common that people seek secure and safe applications to install on their devices. They always fear unwanted problems and hassle. Generally, new application installation creates problems for the devices’ speed and stability. Herewith, you are assured that Phone by Google is a safe and secure tool.

Phone by Google application does not contain any malware or threat that affects your device harmfully. Besides, the Google Authority always updates the application to clean and get rid of unnecessary bugs. In addition, this app is 100% legitimate for android and smartphone users.

It followed all international legal rules, regulations, procedures, and standards. Still, Phone by Google never breaches any legal issues. So, you don’t get alarmed about security and legality. You just install and enjoy its services.

The latest Phone by Google is so popular all over the globe. Presently, it has about 3 billion active users. There are several strong competitors in the market but among all of them, it keeps strengthening its position by offering attractive features and functions.

Some useful functions and features are given below to get a clear idea about the application.

Features of Phone by Google:

  • Connect friends and family easily
  • Extensive caller ID coverage assists you to know or recognize who makes a call before answering or picking up. It shows the phone number and name on the screen
  • Greater control and improved & efficient calls and contacts management
  • Having powerful anti-spam protection that blocks Spam or unwanted callers
  • Simple Intuitive, and lightweight app design
  • Record your phone call to preserve the significant information
  • Switch to dark mode to save battery and lower the eyes strain or pressure
  • At emergency calling time you can share your information without speaking such as an address, or location
  • Communicate during the call time by sending a video message

In brief, Phone by Google APK gives you a fantastic experience. Overall, it is a great dialer to make calls in the easiest way. Therefore, you do not think twice to install and use the app for your convenience.

Phone by Google
Google LLC

25.85 MB

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