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Description of PayPal

PayPal APK is a trusted online payment and receiving money system or application that is so popular and well-known throughout the world. You can easily carry out online payments and transactions. It is one of the most prominent and secure transaction media all over the planet.

Using this transaction method, you can purchase from e-commerce platforms wherever and whatever you want. The amazing matter is that you do not need to provide fees for online purchasing. Besides, you need not pay a single penny to install and operate the PayPal application.

So, it is a 100% free app for Android smartphone users.

Anybody does not have an iota of disbelief or doubt about its safety and security. It is a 100% safe and legal app for Android. It does not carry any harmful components that affect your device. Besides, the latest PayPal app is legal. It followed all international legal rules and regulations.

So, users do not face any sort of hassles to install and use the app.

PayPal allows you to open 3 kinds of accounts,

  • Personal account - using for personal shopping
  • Business account - used for companies to make payment and receive money
  • Premium account - vendors can use it to receive payment

Features and function of PayPal

In the e-commerce sector, PayPal app is a very familiar name all over the globe. There is hardly any person find who does not know about PayPal associated with online activities.

  • Send and receive money through the app
  • Shopping and purchasing all kinds of goods and services
  • Money Transfer fee is very low
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Group transaction option that allows you to send money to family, friends, and co-workers on different occasions and events.
  • Provide transactions invoice
  • Using multiple emails in a single account
  • Manage funds
  • Provide QR code for every account
  • Multiple currency options
  • Allowing 27 languages such as English, Arabic, French, German, Irish, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Chinese (simplified & traditional), and so on
  • PayPal Me service that is available for businessmen and professionals
  • Having a fraud protection system
  • Update to fix the damaging bugs
  • Support buy now and pay later for the shoppers
  • Keep customers data and information safe

In short, PayPal APK is a very famous financial technology worldwide. Many people regularly use it for their financial transactions. It is fast and smooth for the technology. So, it is the first choice for sending, receiving, and purchase products.

PayPal Mobile

191 MB

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