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Pacer Pedometer

Pacer Health

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Description of Pacer Pedometer

Do you search for an automatic and digital tool that assists you to count steps to record your weight loss?

If yes, you can install the Pacer Pedometer APK on your device. It is an excellent application that tracks the activities of the human being. It is considered a health and fitness app. It tracks users' daily steps i.e. distance, activity time, and calorie.

Pacer Pedometer app is your digital health coach. It gives you a wonderful plan for whatever activities do you want to perform daily. You can trace your steps all day long whether your Android is in your pocket, hand, bag, or purse. This app helps you to become conscious about your health.

It also aids to follow the changes and challenges of your health and fitness.

Features of Pacer Pedometer

There are several similar applications in the field. Among all of them, Pacer Pedometer application is the best software for its handy features and functions. So, let’s see to get a brief idea.

  • Having the support of GPS tracking for walking, running, and biking
  • Step counter - count the number of steps you walk every day
  • Keep entry the number of calories you burn throughout the activity
  • Keeping a close look at your exercise and take initiative to improve if any problem and lack
  • Create a community to connect and share the activities and take suggestions from each other
  • Making personalize fitness plan
  • Take a guide for workouts
  • Set fitness goal
  • Identify insight, data, and information
  • Create a group with the friends and family to compare daily activities of each other
  • Focus on activities, weight, blood pressure, and so on
  • Show track record & metrics graphically and statistically
  • Identify active and inactive time
  • Use GPS to track

The surprising matter is that the Pacer Pedometer app is 100% free.

If you install, it does not charge any cost for you. Therefore, you do not get worried about economic issues. It is a very lightweight or small size app. If you download and install, your device doesn't get burdened for your device. Hence, there is no possibility to lose the device's operational speed.

Pacer Pedometer latest version is fully safe, secure, and legal for Android users. It does not contain any risky element that affects your device. The authority of the tracking app updates and upgrades timely to fix unsafe elements such as viruses, bloatware, bugs, threats, and malware.

It is a 100% secure. If you download and install, there is no possibility to lose your device information as it has a great privacy policy to protect your data. Pacer Pedometer APK is a 100% legitimate app. It followed all global standards, procedures, rules, and regulations before coming into the market.

Still, there is no proof spotted yet that it engages in any sort of illegal activity. So, you do not become anxious about legality, security, and safety. In conclusion, the Pacer Pedometer app assists you to create a powerful fitness plan, track your health & fitness data & information.

So, you can make healthy habits. Now, you can download and install the app for your convenience.

Pacer Pedometer
Pacer Health

44.07 MB

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