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Organic Maps OÜ

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Description of Organic Maps

Do you want to search and find maps virtually?

If yes, you can download and install Organic Maps APK as it is an open-source mobile map designed for Android users. It is developed by MAPS.ME. You can maintain 100% privacy if you choose it. Generally, it is published for travelers & tourists, hikers, and cyclists.

Organic Maps app is an open street map (OSM) that has normal routes and cycling lanes, hiking trails, walking paths, contour lines elevation, peaks, and slopes. Use it to turn by turn walk, cycle, and car. You can search your exact location at any point on the terrestrial map.

It advises and shows you the places to reach your certain destination.

Whatever you search on the map you find out. For example, if you visit a new area you need a hotel and restaurant. You just go to the map and search with the keyword. Within a short time, you see many search results. So, you can select your one quickly.

Organic Maps application tends to allow you to use various types of use.

  • Normal traditional map view
  • Satellite Map view (photographic map )
  • Hybrid ( photographic map with road and city name)
  • Terrain ( map with rivers, and mountains)

Generally, you need an internet connection to use Organic Maps appropriately. But, this app allows downloading hundreds of city maps to use offline. Its interesting feature or function includes a “compass” that measure the area in square meter or kilometers.

It also adds a traffic map feature. So, you can get the fastest way to go from one point to another.

Main Features of Organic Maps

  • Search for a place of interest
  • No advertisement
  • No tracking option
  • Find details in offline maps
  • Getting voice guidance to pass the route
  • Keep the map dark mode helping to get rid of eye-sore
  • No need to register
  • Supporting astronomical clock
  • Export and import to bookmarks KML and KMZ formats
  • The user interface is so simple that any poor tech-savvy person can navigate the map cor the advantages

Organic Maps app is lightweight for users. You do not need to spend huge data or space to keep it on your device. You can install it on a low-end device. It’s not a heavy burden for Android. As a result, it does not cause to diminish or eat up the charges of the battery quickly.

The amazing matter is that the app is 100% free for users. You do not need to pay a single cent from your e-wallet to install. Another aspect is that, if you install it any prying eyes never observe your activities. As a consequence, there is no chance to steal your information.

Its data privacy is so strong. So, you do not feel insecure anymore.

In conclusion, the latest Organic Maps APK is a comprehensive app that offers users to get information about a place perfectly and exactly. So, you can depend and trust on the application for your convenience. Now, you decide to install the app without hesitation.

Organic Maps
Organic Maps OÜ

113 MB

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