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Description of Oppo Notes

Oppo Notes APK is a magnificent app for those people who like to note important events. If you often find it hard to memorize your important tasks or memories, then this app will be a savior for you to note everything preciously.

In the latest Oppo Notes app, you will be able to note everything you may feel you can forget.

Likewise, if you are starting to learn a new language, then here you can immediately note every new word that you encounter. Plus, you will find a voice recording feature, so instead of typing text every time, you can directly command, and it will type in words. 

On top of that, also draw and highlight text in a variety of colors and styles. Aside from that, you can hide your sensitive notes to keep them more private. Along with this, Oppo Notes application seamlessly syncs notes across devices so you can use them on any device with ease.

However, the cool part is that you can add music and share the notes with family and friends.

Features Of Oppo Notes Application

It supports various functions to enhance your notes experience.

Here you will find everything to note your ideas and special events of your life from writing to drawing, highlighting, voice recording, music, images with footnotes, etc. Oppo Notes latest version is for multitaskers, list-makers, and those who often struggle to memorize important dates of their life.

Let's take a look at its effective features below.

  • Write, draw, and highlight in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Sync notes across devices.
  • Quick notes on the go.
  • Organize your events.
  • Keep sticky notes in sight.
  • Intuitive to edit.
  • Don’t miss any special events.
  • Ability to record your voice to type in words.
  • Add a soundtrack.
  • Hide notes.

How To Add Oppo Notes To Your Mobile Home Screen

To add notes or lists to your mobile home screen on your device, follow the methods below.

Method 1: Download Oppo Notes APK and install it on your regular gadget.

Method 2: Once the installation is complete, open the app on your regular gadget.

Method 3: Next, touch and hold the home screen.

Method 4: Afterwards, simply tap on your widgets.

Method 5: Now search for the note’s app.

Method 6: Lastly, you can choose single notes, note collection, or quick capture widgets by sliding based on your preference, that you want to view on your home screen.


Oppo Notes APK is a very useful application for noting your regular activities. Here you will find various options such as writing, drawing, highlighting and so much more. Plus, you will be able to categorize notes, save notes, and allow you to lock notes when needed.

The best part is you can use voice-to-text to make notes effortlessly. Overall, the application is simple and lightweight, with no irritating ads. Therefore, to memorize all the important events in your life, download the app now.

Oppo Notes

50.76 MB

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