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Description of OpenTTD

OpenTTD APK (Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe) is a free and open-source simulation game that is a remake of the classic 1994 game, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, and allows players to build and manage their own transportation networks, including trains, buses, trams, ships, and planes.

Players in the latest OpenTTD game can build highways, trains, airports, and harbors to link various towns and businesses, moving people and products as they do so to make money and develop their network. It is highly customizable and has a multiplayer mode that enables online competition and teamwork.

Features of OpenTTD Game

  • It supports multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete or collaborate with others online
  • The game has various settings that can be adjusted to customize the game mechanics and add new features. This includes options for economy, vehicle availability, and difficulty
  • Players can build roads, railroads, airports, and harbors to connect different cities and industries, and transport goods and passengers using trains, buses, trams, ships, and planes
  • The game provides various tools to manage transportation networks efficiently, such as signal systems, vehicle maintenance, and routing options
  • Players can construct infrastructure and buildings using modular pieces, allowing for a high degree of customization
  • They can transport passengers and cargo via road, rail, water, and air to earn money
  • The game supports large maps with a lot of detail, allowing players to create expansive transportation networks that span multiple cities and industries

How To Play OpenTTD Game

  1. First, download OpenTTD APK game from this website by just clicking on the download button and installing it on your device. And, it is completely free on this website.
  2. Now, open the app and select a scenario to play from the main menu.
  3. Use construction tools to build roads, railways, airports, and harbors to connect different cities and industries. Purchase vehicles such as trains, buses, trams, ships, and planes to transport goods and passengers.
  4. Keep track of your finances to ensure that your transportation network is profitable. Manage costs such as vehicle maintenance, construction expenses, and fuel prices, and adjust prices and fares to maximize profits.
  5. As your transportation network grows, expand to new cities and industries to increase your revenue. Upgrade your vehicles and infrastructure to increase efficiency and speed.
  6. In multiplayer mode, compete with other players to dominate the market. In single-player mode, compete against AI opponents to secure resources and market share.


OpenTTD APK is a complex and rewarding simulation game that allows players to build and manage own transportation networks. Its community-driven development and open-source nature also mean that it is constantly evolving and improving, making it a game with endless possibilities and replay value.

Overall, it is a must-try game for fans of strategy and simulation games.


46.66 MB

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