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Description of OBDLink

OBDLink APK is a wireless adapter that turns or transforms any Android into a professional & sophisticated diagnostic scan tool. It monitors performance in real-time. It is called a lightning-fast OBD Adapter. It is ergonomically designed that takes an average of 3 minutes to install.

The button on the back side of the unit makes the connection secure, safe, and easy.

It is one of the most powerful adapters on the market. That is why OBDLink app gains popularity all over the world. The updated and newest edition of this tool is very reliable and faster. Its workable parameters include ABS, SRS, TPMS, A/C, transmission, temperature, and wheel speed.

Its connection is rock solid has no dropped packets, and no gap in the data. The pocket-size adapter never creates any obstacle to the driver's legroom. OBDLink application measures and shows the fuel economy. The wonderful matter is that it creates a digital dashboard and heads-up display.

OBDLink performs with these adapters,

  • OBDLink MX+
  • OBDLink LX Bluetooth
  • OBDLink MX Bluetooth
  • OBDLink CX Bluetooth
  • OBDLink MX WiFi

Features of OBDLink

  • Full-fledge diagnostic scan tool
  • Read and  check trouble codes to clear
  • Identify  the freeze frame data
  • Real-time data displaying
  • Ultra-fast response time
  • Accurate and detailed graphs
  • Smooth and realistic virtual gauges
  • Easy to use
  • Providing maximum coverage
  • Compatible with SW- can & MS-can protocols
  • Hacker proof and small form factor
  • Having clear & read check engine light
  • Sleep and wake up automatically
  • Low power mode that works as a battery saver
  • Dozens of 3rd party applications support
  • Updates firmware for free
  • Getting unlimited OEM for free
  • Ultra-low current sleep mode and intelligent sleep mode
  • Overvoltage load dump protection
  • Thousands of manufacturing-specific trouble codes and parameters
  • Capable of displaying real-time data
  • Delivering up to 4 times more data samples per second. It surpasses the competitors in this case
  • Lock unlock from a select vehicle
  • Available support in different languages such as sopanish, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Czech

How To Connect OBDLink

Step -1: Enable Bluetooth on your Android smartphone.

Step -2: Locate OBD diagnostic connector in your device.

Step -3: Plug OBDLink into the diagnostic connector.

Step -4: Turn the ignition key to the On Position.

Step -5: Make the OBDLink discoverable.

Step -6: Pair OBDLink with your Android phone.

Step -7: Install the OBDwiz app.

Step -8: Set up the initial software.

Step -9: Accessing the data and information.

The wonderful matter is that if you want to install it you need not pay a single penny from your pocket. So, it is a 100% free application for the users. OBDLink app is a risk-free for users. If you install it you do not fall in danger as it updates regularly to fix bugs and malware.

As a result, you get a smooth and clean app to connect with your vehicle. In a nutshell, OBDLink APK is a very handy application for users. It is very functional than any other similar competitors app. So, it is the first choice of the people. You can install it for your convenience.

OBD Solutions, LLC

45.06 MB

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