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NiX Injector

Lansord Nix

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Description of NiX Injector

NiX Injector APK is an excellent skin injector for mobile legends. It allows the users to customize the characters. Besides, you can take control of the game easily if you install the app. The amazing matter is that if you install this app you can unlock 356 skins out of 446.

Generally, it unlocks official skins of Mobile Legends. This Injector covers all prime groups such as marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Tank, Support, and Maze. The latest NiX Injector application also unlocks effects,

  • Unlock recall – use 12 effects i.e. M1 Glory, zodiac, Christmas, etc.
  • Unlock respawn – unlock 10 such as M1 Evos, Descent, and so on
  • Elimination – getting 11  like RIP, Zing, K.O., etc.

It provides drone view options modifiable up to 6x. it works on Celestial and western.

Battle effects,

  • Unlock Emote – 10 emotes i.e. I am Scary, RRQ Hoshi, etc.
  • Analog Unlock – 10 Analogs
  • Unlock Map – 10 maps i.e. Imperial Sanctuary, Western Place, Celestial Palace, Magic Chess, etc.  it has smooth and high graphics

Multiple backgrounds view – loading screen, lobby, profile.

Users can enjoy background music such as Fearless, and Blue bird. An option to choose the intro. Mobile Legends is one of the best battle games for Android users. It has a variety of heroes and hundreds of costumes that you can extract if you install the NiX Injector app.

Features of NiX Injector

  • Available skin for every type of character separately
  • Finding other items such as drone view for discovering maps, emotes, and battle effects

How To Download And Install NiX Injector

The installation process is very easy. You need to see the below steps that must help you.

  1. Go to the mobile Settings to turn on the Unknown Source – tap on Setting > after that Security > then Unknown Source option. Now, it enables to install of the app.
  2. Download NiX Injector APK version from this Website.
  3. After completing the download process, you just click on Install to finish the installation.

The interesting matter is that you can install the application for free of cost. Besides, it is a very lightweight app for Android smartphone users. This app is not a heavy burden for your device. You can install it on a low-end device without losing the operational speed of your phone.

NiX Injector app is a safe injector for Android users. It does not contain any harmful elements such as bugs, malware, spyware, and viruses that damage your device. So, your device remains clean and smooth to run. Besides, if you install it you do not fall into insecurity.

You do not lose your stored valuable data and information from your device.

Without a doubt, you install it and enjoy your game. NiX Injector APK is truly a great choice for game lovers. People get huge benefits and advantages after installation. Android users can update and make smart their characters by adding new skins. It makes the game more enjoyable.

As a result, you can utilize your free time or moment wonderfully.

NiX Injector
Lansord Nix

9.14 MB

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