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Naruto Mobile
Tencent Games

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Description of Naruto Mobile

Naruto Mobile APK is an online video game designed and developed for Android users. It is based on the popular Manga Series. This game combines RPG elements and action-packed beat’em that allow all available main characters of this game for mobile users.

This game is developed by Bandai Namco for Android smartphone users.

Characters of Naruto Mobile

You can control different characters, moves, and attacks. Let’s see below some important characters of this game.

  • Shikamaru Nara
  • Hanzo
  • Izumo Kamizuki
  • Kotetsu Hagane
  • Kinkaku

All chracters have different 2 part,

Naruto Uzumaki

Part -1: Academy student, Genin Outfit, Pyjama, One-Tailed Form

Part -2: Casual Outfit, Sage Mode, Four-Tailed Form, Six-Tailed Form, Tailed Beast Mode, New Year Costume, Will of Fire – White Outfit

Saruka Haruno

Part-1: Academy student, Genin Outfit

Part-2: Casual Outfit, Swimsuit, Allied Shinobi Forces, New Year Costume, Chinese Style Kimono, Shinobi Sisters

Sasuke Uchiha

Part-1: Genin Outfit, Black Outfit - VS- Gaara, Cursed Seal - Second Level Activated

Part-2: Casual Outfit, Akatsuki Cloak, Cursed Seal - Second Level Activated, New Year Costume

Other chracters Kakashi Hatake, Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Kurenai, Yuhi, Sikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi, Asuma Sarutobi, Rock Lee, Iruka Umino, Gaara, Mizuki, Tenrten, Neji Hyuga, Might Guy, and so many.

Gameplay of Naruto Mobile

It is similar to a beat 'em-up style battle game. Naruto Mobile game has a vertical axis like other fighting games. You can move the characters or players up, down, left, and right. Every character looks anime-type. All chracters are classified or categorized by their strength and ability to fight.

There is a ranking system such as S, A, B, & C where S is the strongest and C is comparatively weaker than others. Players gain playable characters by gathering fragments, tournaments, buying chracters by investing in real currency, or receiving rewards or gifts.

Players need to complete several levels to complete a mission and achieve victory.

Features of Naruto Mobile

  • Full of action and adventure role-playing game
  • Different adventures have different missions
  • 2d graphics
  • Attractive graphics, effects, transition, and animation
  • Unlock new chracters to improve the gameplay
  • Partner to partner Combat
  • Daily different events and clan missions

Naruto Mobile game installation is 100% free if you choose the latest APK version from this website. You need not pay a single penny from your pocket. It is a safe app totally as it upgrades regularly to remove unwanted elements or components such as malware, viruses, and bugs.

In addition, if you install the game you do not lose important information from your device.

This Naruto Mobile APK is legitimate 100%. Following all international rules and regulations, it came to the market. This mobile game is so entertaining that you never feel bored. As a consequence, game lovers frequently install it to play and enjoy their free time.

People who play the game never feel bored. So, you can install it and enjoy your idle time.

Naruto Mobile
Tencent Games

1.82 GB

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