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Description of MTG Familiar

MTG Familiar APK is a popular Android app that is designed for fans of the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. The app offers a variety of features to assist users in improving their gameplay and staying up to date with new sets, cards, and rules.

The card database of the latest MTG Familiar app, which includes comprehensive information on every Magic: The Gathering card ever printed, is one of its most popular features. Users can browse card photos and rulings and search for cards using a variety of parameters, including name, set, color, kind, etc.

MTG Familiar latest version offers users several features in addition to the card database, like a life counter, a deck builder, a collection manager, and a tournament scheduler. Players can keep track of their collection, manage their decks, and plan their gaming with the aid of these tools.

Features of MTG Familiar Application

  • The app features a comprehensive database of all Magic: The Gathering cards ever printed, with search and filter options to help users quickly find the cards they need
  • Users can keep track of the Magic: The Gathering cards they hold, as well as the quantity, condition, and worth of each card, using the collection management function
  • It offers thorough game rules and regulations, as well as the most recent details on prohibited and restricted cards
  • Users can set up brackets, pairings, and round durations for their own Magic: The Gathering tournaments, which they can then administer and manage
  • Users can stay up with the most recent Magic: The Gathering news, including new sets, cards, and events, by using MTG Familiar

How To Use MTG Familiar App

  1. First, download MTG Familiar APK and install it from this website for completely free. Click on the download button to download it for completely free.
  2. After installing it properly, open the app.
  3. After opening it, you will find a search bar where you can search for specific cards or use the filter options to narrow down your search by set, color, type, and other criteria. Once you've found a card, you can view its image, details, and rulings.
  4. Then, simply tap on the life counter and use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the life total as needed.
  5. Choose the Deck Builder option, then begin adding cards to create a deck. The same search and filter methods available in the card database can be used to find cards.
  6. You can change the number of cards in your deck after you've added them, see the statistics of your deck, and save it for later use.
  7. Next, you can add cards to your collection by adding a search in the card database and choosing Add to Collection option. Moreover, you can change the number, state, and worth of each card.
  8. To set up a Magic: The Gathering tournament, choose the Tournament Organizer option and then follow the on-screen instructions about the number of participants, pairings, and round-timers.
  9. The app's news and updates section provides the latest Magic: The Gathering news, including new sets, cards, and events.


MTG Familiar APK is a powerful app for Magic: The Gathering players. As it offers a full range of tools and resources to help players develop their skills and stay current with Magic: The Gathering news and information, it is a must-have app for the players of Magic: The Gathering game.


MTG Familiar

29.42 MB

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