Hootan Parsa

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Description of MiXplorer

MiXplorer APK is a fantastic and powerful file explorer for Android users. It has a lot of functions and features that assist to improve the management of your files and folders. The interesting and intriguing matter is that this app is 100% free you do not need to pay a single cent from your pocket.

You don’t bother about the safety and security of this MiXplorer app as it is completely safe. It does not contain any damaging elements such as virus and malware that affects your device operating. Besides, it updates the app on a regular basis that helps to fix bugs and bloatware.

As a result, your device does not lose its speed and stability. Moreover, MiXplorer application established following international all legal procedures. It never violates any rules and regulations that create problems for the users. So, you do not get alarmed after installing the app.

Features of MiXplorer

There are several similar categories of competitors in the market. Among all of the rivals, MiXplorer app creates the best position for its distinctive and functional features. So, let’s see what are the features that make the app different from the other competitors.

  • Easily move and copy different files and folders from one location to another
  • Enable, disable and, sorting menus and actions buttons
  • Create unlimited tabs and drag & drop
  • Create dual panels
  • Advance search box to find your file and folders easily
  • Zip files can be changed and extract & create a zip or compress files in different formats
  • Having different file view formats for android users such as PDF, EPUB, and XPL files. To do this there is a Built-in viewer in the app. Having HTML and Font Viewer
  • Data backup capability
  • SAMBA, WEBDAV, FTP, and SFTP support
  • Possible to bookmarks favorite files and folders
  • Users can customize the outlook and appearance of the app using different themes and colors, background colors. So, the interface of this app is very simple and easy to use
  • Browsing with the cloud support
  • Ads free application. So, you do not feel disturbed to use the app

In short, MiXplorer APK is a wonderful file management tool for android users. It helps to manage all files and folders very effectively and efficiently. This app has a clean and fresh user interface that attracts users hugely. So, day by day, the appeal of this app is boosting very fast.

Overall, it is a versatile and useful file manager.

Hootan Parsa

3.75 MB

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