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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Corporation

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Description of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook APK is a very fantastic and useful personal information manager app that was designed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a part of Microsoft Office Suite. MS Outlook was first published for Android mobiles in 2015. This app includes such as calendaring, web browsing, note-taking, task managing, contact managing, and journal logging feature.

You just get wowed that it is 100% free to install and use the available functions. You need not use your credit card to spend a single cent. The interesting matter is that the Microsoft Outlook app is very lightweight. It does not occupy huge space from your android memory. So, your mobiles do not get slower and keep normal operation speed.

MS Outlook is so useful for corporate people. It eases, quickens, and simplifies your work. You do not feel worried about security and safety as it followed all safety rules and regulations before coming into the market. Besides, it does not carry any malware or virus that spoils your devices. In addition, the authority of Microsoft Corporation updates it daily to get rid of dangerous bugs.

Furthermore, Microsoft Outlook application is undoubtedly legal. It never violates any international rules and standards that create any hassle for users. So, you can install the app on your Android smartphone for your working convenience.

Features of Microsoft Outlook:

  • Seamless inbox management
  • Showing you the most important messages first
  • Easy to access your calendar and files
  • Compose, read, receive, send, and reply to the emails
  • All kinds of files can attach i.e., PDF, GIF, MS Word, Excel, & PowerPoint, Image, Video, and so many
  • From a single client, it is possible to manage several accounts
  • Create folders with different names to classify and organize your all Emails. It also helps to filter your email. As a result, whenever you need any old email, you can find it within a short time.
  • Create automatic replies option when you are away
  • Insert signature when you send email to others it remains in every email
  • Having an inbuilt Search Box, you can use your necessary keywords to find your emails
  • Keeps pinned important email as you want
  • Share files directly from OneDrive through Outlook
  • Create groups to discuss important issues by Skype
  • Share calendar for an organizational meeting

In a nutshell, the Outlook app keeps you protected and connected very effectively. It is one of the best-performing apps all over the world. Overall, Microsoft Outlook APK will provide you an excellent working experience.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Corporation

105 MB

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