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Microsoft Excel

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Description of Microsoft Excel

Nowadays in the modern and digital world, we do not find any document which is not computerized.

Preserving documents for future use is not so easy manually. So, computerization is a great solution. To computerize your data and information, there are several systems such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and so many.

Today, particularly, we will focus on Microsoft Excel application. It is a vast thing, within short writing, it is not possible to discuss. Our main initiative is to give or show you a brief idea.

Microsoft Excel app is a tremendous spreadsheet tool designed by Microsoft that allows working with many effective things such as calculation, graphic tools, pivot tables, Vlookup, table, graphs, macros and so many issues. In the professional world, it is so effective to create your daily document and share to others. The amazing matter is that you can create documents according to your needs. It is so useful that you can also customize your information whenever you want.

In the present, worldwide, who works in the office, we hardly find a person who doesn’t know about Microsoft Excel application. It is so popular and necessary document to create the spreadsheet. So, you can now install its application on your android phone to work and watch your document.

The interesting matter is that this application is 100% free for you. You don’t pay for installing the app. Besides, it is a secure, safe, and legal application. No malware is found available in this app. So, without any sort of doubt, you can choose it for your proper and effective document creation.

Necessary features and functions of Microsoft Excel application:

  • Create database and document for the present and future preservation
  • Create different documents in different sheets with various formats and formula
  • To set everything automatic, you can use thousands of formulas that quicken your work
  • Present your data and information with statistics, charts, and graphics
  • Using for financial and accounting analysis
  • Generate charts with column, bar, area, scatter, line, pie charts, and many more
  • Having formats to save files such as .xls, XML, and .csv
  • Update and upgrade regular basis to keep away from the unwanted bugs attack

Overall, Microsoft Excel app helps you to create, view, and edit spreadsheets for your convenience document. Therefore, it is so handy application in the modern technology world.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Corporation

163 MB

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