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microG for OGYT

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Description of microG for OGYT

microG app replaces Google play services allowing you to use the app and prevent your data being shared with Google. microG is basically designed for android users. So, the application is very effective for the users.

If you want to use the app of Gmail, Google play, and YouTube you need to install these first. You have to share data with Google because of using these services. For this reason, some users tend to become unhappy about sharing data and information as this way Google collects data from the people.

For our requirements, we are bound to share our information with different online platforms. Data is spreading knowingly and unknowingly. It is not possible to control i.e. control is not in our hand. In the present time keeping your data private is a very tough issue in the virtual world.

In this case, people search the alternative ways. microG application serves as a replacement of the Google play service on the android operating system. It is such an alternative way of Google. So, you can use microG to replace Google.

microG is considered as a framework (like libraries, services, and patches) to create a fully compatible android distribution without any proprietary of Google Components.

A German software developer generated the NOGAPPS Projects in 2012 as a free and open-source drop-in alternative for Google Services. Google close source system software has remained pre-installed in almost all android devices. Androids key functions do not work if you remove Google Play Store. It creates a bad experience of Google using. So, microG app is an open-source, Free Software that is the reimplementation of Google’s proprietary Libraries.

NO GAPPS became microG in 2016. It  is very effective as it does not track users' activities. The incredible matter is that “Users can enable and disable the specific API features”.

Components of the App:

  • Service Core (GmsCore) helps to use Google Play Services and Google maps android
  • Service Framework Proxy (GsfProxy) allows apps development for Google cloud.
  • Unified Network Location Provider helps to identify the Google geolocations
  • Maps API
  • Store (PhoneSky) helps to access to Google Play Store to download and update applications

microG application is 100% safe app for android users. There is no second thought to use the app as it does not carry any threat and malware to harm your device. In brief, microG is an excellent app for android users. You can use the app for getting privacy protection benefits.

microG for OGYT

11.64 MB

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