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Ludo Star

Gameberry Labs

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Description of Ludo Star

Ludo Star game is an online game like real-life Ludo. This digitally formed Ludu includes 4 players Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Invite friends and connecting Facebook will help you to enable to play with the friends online.

It’s everything looks like the physical board game. So, people get the real taste of the game. Generally, friends invite their friends to enjoy the Ludo Star game in their free time.  

This Android is not only interesting but also exciting as win or lose is associated with it. Availability of challenge, excitement, and entertainment make the game remarkable for others.


Features of Ludo Star

  • Multiplayer game
  • Easy to play as it has a user-friendly interface
  • Randomly playing 2 or 4 players matches
  • Variation of the game: Classic, Master, and Quick
  • Send emoticons while you are playing the game
  • Providing instruction; how to play the game.
  • Playing with your favorite rule
  • Safe and secure
  • Now Ludo Star daily active users are increasing

Still, 1 million people downloaded the game. It is mostly a very popular game in the Indian Sub-continent (South Asia). Smartphone users are hooked to the game very closely.


The main reasons to get the Ludo Star game popular:

  • Ludo Star has physical existence which modified for online
  • Link with culture and society

Nowadays, people spend their free time engaging with social media particularly, Facebook. If you want to play the game you can invite your friends through Facebook. For this reason, game lovers can easily familiar with Ludo Star.

Above all, Ludo Star game is an amazing game for all ages people for its easy playing method.

Ludo Star
Gameberry Labs

92.32 MB

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