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Ludo King


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Description of Ludo King

Ludo King game is an amazing cross-platform multiplayer android-friendly game. It is the best digital Ludo board game which played in Southeast Asia and throughout the world.

It is a very popular 2-6 players Indian game like a real-life game. This is a classic board game that plays among friends and family members. It creates fun and entertainment among the family members. Still now, globally, 500 million people downloaded the Ludo King game for its simple gameplay.

There is a competition to beat other players to become the Ludo King. Indian celebrities love this game very much. In the Corona pandemic time, the game has been able to increases its appeal to game lovers.  So, it can be a great game to enjoy your time.

In 2020, Ludo King was one of the top playing android games around the world. The interesting matter is that you can play the game from anywhere and anytime. It is the modern version of the royal game Pachisi. 

Is it secure to download?

Ludo King game is 100% safe to download and play. It does not have any malicious virus that harms your device. So, without a second thought, you can play and enjoy the game.  

Modes of Ludo Game:

  • Online Multiplayer- play with real players online
  • Local Multiplayer- play with friends offline
  • Play with devices (Mobile phone, Computer) - Play with Bot
  • Play with friends – Play with friends and family

Interesting Features:

  • Playing online and offline
  • Express your feelings by sending different emojis during the game running time.
  • Text and voice chat while playing – share jokes, talk, fun, and lough.
  • Board Game like dice and similar game structures of Snakes and Ladders
  • Continuing real chat to discuss the game
  • User-friendly game board
  • Auto-move system
  • Game winner is calling the Ludo King
  • Play and download for free of cost.
  • Attractive Themes -Nature, Candy, Egypt, Disco, Pinball, Christmas  
  • Play with Facebook friends
  • 7 different gameboard variations
  • Play with world players and make them buddies

In short, Ludo King Android game is the perfect time pass platform. Overall, it is fun and entertaining.

Ludo King

78.31 MB

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