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Description of LinkedIn

Do you want to create a real-world professional relationship with a lot of people virtually?

If yes, you can download and install LinkedIn APK on Android. It is the largest professional network on the internet. It is a great platform that is used to connect professional people and organizations all over the world. This is an amazing way to remain updated with the latest development.

You also can share information with the connected people who are linked with your profession.

LinkedIn app started its journey in 2002 from Mountainview, California, USA. Its founders are Reid Hoffman, Eric Ly, Konstantin, Guericke, Jean Luc Vaillant Allen Blue. LinkedIn’s parent organization is Microsoft Corporation. At Present, headquarters belongs to Sunnyvale, California, United States.

Key Features of LinkedIn

It is a handy application that allows you to create accounts, profiles, groups. You also can join other groups, write articles and content, publish job posts, and photos and videos share of different events. So let’s see some specific features that make the LinkedIn app remarkable.

  • Business and employment-oriented online service that operates through app and website
  • Create profiles and account to connect people
  • Finding the right job and internship
  • Connect, communicate, and strengthen the professional relationship
  • Exchange knowledge & skill with each other to get success in the career  
  • Allowing job seekers to post a CV. An employer also can post a job
  • Kep track business and events on LinkedIn application
  • Plenty of opportunities for job seekers to apply for the jobs
  • Above 310 million people use the network
  • 810 million people use it. Among them, 310 million is monthly active users
  • Available network in 200 countries and territories
  • 40% of account holders use the platform daily and their staying duration is an average of 11 minutes
  • Having 55 million registered companies
  • Available support in 24 languages
  • United States is the leading user that is 180 million

You do not feel doubt about the safety and security of LinkedIn. It updates regularly to remove unwanted attacks of bugs, viruses, malware, bloatware, and threats to keep the app smooth and fresh. Besides, you share a lot of necessary information on the platform.

You do not get worried to lose your valuable information as it keeps encrypted all data and information. LinkedIn latest version does not have any record that it entangles in any sort of illegal activity. so you do not face any legal hassle if you use it. Besides, it is a lightweight application.

It occupies low space from your device.  As a result, you never lose the speed of your device.

Presently, the latest LinkedIn has free and paid versions in the market. You can use both of them for your convenience. But, the installing app is 100% free for Android users. So, you do not think about financial issues.  Now, you can install it and enjoy the service.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn APK is an excellent professional network service that you can download and install on your mobile phone to use smoothly standing anywhere in the world. Overall, it increases the professional scopes and opportunities.


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