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Description of Leboncoin

Do you search for an online platform where second-hand items buy and sell frequently?

If yes, you can install Leboncoin APK now. The application was designed for the France people. People’s minds and tastes change very fast and frequently. They want to replace their old thing with new ones. So, they want to buy and sell their second-hand items.

If you want to buy and sell second-hand things you can rely on and trust the Leboncoin application. Before selling out your necessary items, you need to create your own profile. After that, you list everything and show the price and collection location & method.

It is a great platform to sell things and earn money.

Leboncoin app adds a huge number of categories to engage in buying and selling. Besides, you get different services such as rent, private classes, and job circulations. Top several categories that Leboncoin includes such as clothes, jobs, holidays, cars, real estate, furniture & home appliance, decoration, computer & accessories, books, and so on.

  • Vehicles items – cars, motorcycles, boats, car equipment, trucks, and so on
  • House – dining table, sofa, chare, reading table, computer table, cupboard, buffer, armchair, kitchen furniture, fridge, washing machine, dishwater, woven, vacuum, plate, glass, mirror, table & canvas, bed & bed cover, carpet, table lamp, clock,  and so many
  • Fashion – women, men, baby clothes, shoes, equipment, accessories & luggage,  watch & Jewelry, luxury & trendy items
  • Jobs – all jobs, job training
  • Multimedia – games, accessories, telephone,
  • Hobbies – board game, racing bike, books, DVDs movies, CDs music,
  • Professional equipment – catering and industrial equipment
  • Others – animal, ticketing, etc

Features of Leboncoin Application

  • Selling, buying, and collecting different things
  • Create a profile to sell posts of your items
  • Rate seller and buyer after having the transaction
  • Find out properties to buy such as houses, and land
  • Find jobs that suitable for you
  • Furnish your necessary items such as tables, chairs, and building walls
  • The price is consistent and reasonable for all items available in this application
  • Simple interface for the users. So, search and find items easily
  • Daily 50 million classified ads
  • Having more than 70cagtegories to choose your items

The interesting fact is that if you want to install the app you need not pay a single penny from your wallet. It is 100% free application for Android. You can install it from this site without facing any hassle. Another aspect that cannot but mention here is that it is a legal app for the users.

All legitimate procedures were completed before started it its journey in the market. So, you do not get worried about the legality and illegality. The Leboncoin app is an online platform that is used to buy and sell second-hand and old items that no longer require use.

The amazing matter is that if you go for a trip & vacation, you need a house, motorbike, cars, accessories, and equipment, and home appliances, in this case, Leboncoin helps you out. In France, Leboncoin APK is a popular online shop for second-hand items.

LBC France

73.48 MB

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