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Description of KakaoMap

Do you seek a navigational app?

Then, install KakaoMap APK now. It is an excellent map that shows the fastest route. It is mainly based in Korea. You get every map and direction quickly. It is the best app to extract the required local information. Korean company Kakao corporation created it to find the location.

KakaoMap app is considered the number one app in Korea. It allows the users to get the accurate and fastest map and direction. You get the latest and updated information about the route of cars, public transportation walking, bike, pedestrian, and bicycle.

This is because it upgrades everything every 24 hours. Generally, this app is very useful who want to travel or tour Korea. Visitors can use it locally as an alternative to Google Maps. It allows finding directions to move quickly to the destination.

So, in South Korea, it gains huge popularity. You can move around in Korea and identify any type of establishment. So, it is very easier to go from one place to another. Still, the latest KakaoMap application has 10 million active installs available.

Key Features of KakaoMap

  • Finding the information and location based on the area such as spots, restaurants, events, and so on
  • Use it 2 dimension visualization
  • Use realisttic a 3D vector map. It also shows a 3D sky view
  • Show the necessary places such as police stations, Hospitals, Pharmacies,  ATMs, Banks, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, hotels, visiting sites, and so on
  • Show the suggestion of location of nearby
  • Well organize and accomplished maps
  • Displaying roads view and accurate subway
  • Secure and reliable maps
  • Rotate the view 360 degree
  • Processing the speed
  • Mark any location points to find out the exact location
  • The in-built search option to write your keywords and find your destination  
  • Finding recommended locations
  • Showing real-time transportation time and office open and close time
  • Favorite places are available that popup
  • Find the direction instantly
  • Giving Voice instruction on the direction of the locations
  • The user interface is simple to navigate. So, a poor tech-savvy person can use it easily.

The interesting fact is that KakaoMap app is 100% free. If you download and install the app’s APK version you need not pay money. So, don’t worry about the financial issues. It is small size app. If you install it occupies low memory space from Android device.

It updates regularly to get rid of risky elements such as bugs, malware, viruses, and threats. You get a smooth app to run. Besides, it is a safe, secure, and legal app. Your data and information never get hacked. It is 100% secure. So, you can depend and trust on it.

Moreover, KakaoMap APK is legitimate. All legal procedures, rules, and regulations were followed to set up it. So, you never hesitate to install it. It’s a great boon for local and international visitors and travelers in Korea. It is very useful. As a result, it gains huge popularity.

So, you can decide to install it for your convenience.

Kakao Corp.

172 MB

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