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Description of Immonet

Do you search for houses, apartments, and rooms for your living?

If yes, download Immonet APK from here. It is a famous property searching app. You can choose the necessary property information to decide on purchasing from it. You do not need to consume much time to get useful information regarding real estate. So, you can entrust the app.

Overall, it provides you the reliable information about the property and related information. You find every guide about the property by using the Immonet app. It is a German-based leading property app that helps a person and trader to search and find their dream property.

This Android or iOS application helps to rent, buy and build such as apartments, houses, construction projects, parking spaces, share the apartment, furnishing living, commercial real estate, and so on. Besides, landlords and sellers can search for new tenants and buyers.

You do not need to make any payment to install the Immonet application on your phone.

This is because it is a free app for Android users. Besides, it is a lightweight app as it occupies a small space in your Android memory. So, the Android device never loses the operational speed. The nice user interface helps the users to find out their necessary information easily.

Important Features of Immonet

  • Synchronizing the wishlist and saved property
  • Getting written info and images of the property to choose
  • Identify available properties nearby by GPS
  • Mark the search area map
  • Wide range of real estate i.e. getting a residential and commercial property
  • To search properly you need to put the zip code and city
  • Get a lot of ideas to furnish your apartment i.e. find trending styles
  • How to lighten and design lamp
  • The color scheme of the rooms makes a great combination
  • Set comfortable virtual moving furniture
  • Supporting fitness zone
  • Offers amazing living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, cafes, schools, leisure facilities, and so many
  • Search different cities and district
  • Available garden planning to keep the green scenery. So, it keeps up a natural beauty
  • Confirming the healthy sleeping
  • Modern decorating of the apartments and rooms
  • Enlarge or zoom the property images to see the property very closely
  • Getting notification if new offers are available

Top Services of Immonet

It’s considered a virtual real estate market. For different kinds of services, you can choose this app.

  • House building catalogs – You can order the construction of your dream house. In this case, you need not pay any cost or charge.
  • Having a financing calculator to determine the total cost to build your house construction
  • Create an appraisal to find the market value of the property

The Commercial Real State Covers

  • Office
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Retail store
  • Warehouse
  • P[roduction house and factory
  • Agriculture Forestry
  • Garage and parking space
  • Apartment building

In the end, the latest version of the Immonet APK is the best app to find out about your real estate and property easily and quickly. It is absolutely a hassle-free digital solution for buyers, tenants, and businessmen. So, you can install the app without hesitation.

Immonet GmbH

21.82 MB

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