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Description of Illustrator

Illustrator APK is an amazing design application for Android users. Users can create millions of professional designs by using this app. You can create all kinds of logos, icons, sketches, typography, business cards, banners, and complex Illustration for all sorts of media.

Design lovers can create designs from their computer and Android mobile. The latest Illustrator application is designed and developed by the Adobe corporation for those who love the artwork.

Why Is Illustrator Used?

It is used for advertisement, architectural rendering, greeting cards, business cards, logos, posters, banners, book & novel covers, graphics, infographics, storyboards, newspaper & magazine images, shirts and T-shirts, tutorials, and cartoons, video games, and so on.

The advantages of the Illustrator app,

  • Providing a helpful user interface with a wide range of tools
  • Having an in-pannel editing option
  • Scalable completely
  • Offering a steep learning curve
  • Creating files in manageable sizes
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Allowing to create of Print Graphics & Web Graphics
  • To customize the drawing, several types of options such as opacity, size color
  • Having 10 layers that are used simultaneously
  • Undo and redo whatever is created

Key Features of Illustrator

  • Pixel perfect artwork creation
  • Tracking the activities
  • Managing the application
  • Using CAD tools
  • Using different tools to collaborate
  • Managing created content
  • Import and export data
  • Art and design management
  • Create a large content library or stock image bank
  • Auto font activation
  • Support HEIF and Webpage image files
  • Real-time drawing and editing
  • Easy to use 3D and materials panel
  • Scale up and down to maintain image & graphics quality and resolution
  • Having cut, copy, and paste options to create multiple copies of artboards
  • Include shine, light, shadow, and effects based on design

Variety of tools Illustrator offers for Android users such as drawing, typing, painting, slicing, cutting, move tool, pen tool, color, rectangle tool, selection tool, line, paintbrush tool, pathfinder, image trace, shape builder, gradient, curvature, width, and so many.

At present time, image content dominates the world.

A good image attracts the audience very quickly than writing text. This is because people like visual things as those things help to understand any issue very quickly and easily. In this case, it helps to generate wonderful images and graphics. It is 100% free for Android.

You can use this Illustrator app and its service without spending a single penny from your pocket. Besides, this mobile app is lightweight. As a result, it does not get burdened if you install it on an Android phone. You need not have a high-end device to keep it.

So, without feeling hesitation, install it and get its all active tools. It is a clean app as it updates always. There are no viruses and bugs. So, you can operate your device smoothly. Illustrator application is the number one graphic design application all over the world.

We hardly find a tech-savvy person who does not know about the application. By using the latest version of the Illustrator APK on Android smartphone, you can create vector graphics. It is made of points, shapes, lines, and curves based on mathematical formulas.


57.16 MB

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