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Helix Jump


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Description of Helix Jump

Helix Jump APK is an online arcade video game for Android smartphone users. It is fun making and entertaining game. You can pass the quality free time by playing the game. Basically, it is a simple and user-friendly game. As a result, nowadays, it is a very popular game all over the planet.

Still, Helix Jump game downloaded over 100 million times. Now, you can play this game anytime standing anywhere. It is a 100% free game. You need not purchase the game by spending money from your credit card.

It is a safe and secure game for your device. You do not find any elements that harm your device. You do not worry about safety and security. Besides, Helix Jump is a legal and lawful game. All international rules and regulations are followed to set up the game.

In addition, due to updates on a regular basis, it does not contain any virus, malware, threat, and bugs, and bloatware. So, without thinking twice, you can install and play the game.

Several tips for playing the Helix Jump game smoothly and effectively

  • Demolish red-colored parts
  • Play with patience - you must take time to play the game
  • Remain alert to take and optimize the chances
  • Revive every time that helps to get a good score

Features of Helix Jump

There are many entertaining games in the world. Among all, Helix Jump is one of them. The reason why it is entertaining mentioning below to get a clear idea.

  • Having multiple level of the ball game
  • Having the option to change the colors of the balls and models
  • Collect diamonds and gems
  • The sound effect and the background color are nice
  • User-friendly & impressive game interface
  • Bouncing ball on a series of the circular platform
  • Fast and smooth
  • Update regular basis to fix the unnecessary bugs.

Helix Jump Gameplay

To control the movement of the helical tower, you have to move your finger from left to right on the game screen. There are many red-colored platforms that need to be evaded. Otherwise, it must end your turn. Keep rotating the tower so that ball can fit through the gaps that help to avoid color parts.

The ball bounced on the platform except for the red part. The game finishes if it touches the red platform. In short, Helix Jump is a fantastic game. You never feel bored if you play it. Overall, it is an enjoyable game for Android users.

Helix Jump

125 MB

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