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Description of HD Camera

HD Camera APK is an excellent complimentary tool that allows users to capture and shoot HD photos and videos. Generally, people choose this type of app for improving the performance of the camera. Presently, people want to save their moments and memories for reminiscence in the future.

Frequently, they visit, tour, and travel to different locations. By using a camera, every moment is captured by a good quality camera. Sometimes, the default camera does not provide good quality photos and videos. In this case, you can take the help of the HD Camera application.

As a consequence, you find good quality photos and videos. The app offers different sizes such as VGA, 1M pixel, 1M pixel, 2M pixel, 3M pixel, 5M pixel, 8M pixel, and soon. There are thousands of photo and video apps in the market to use. But, among all, it is very functional.

It gains the popularity all over the globe. Now, milons of people use it for their convenience.

Features of HD Camera App

This camera app includes a lot of features allowing users to snap and capture higher-quality photos and videos. Let’s see some special features below to get a brief idea about the HD Camera.

  • The fully featured camera app
  • 3 cameras mode – photo, video, panorama
  • Creating smart panorama pictures
  • Having Widescreen the images
  • White balance system
  • Having screen mode setting
  • Location and exposure control
  • Edit images and videos to remove unwanted elements
  • Configuring the volume buttons to generate a shortcut
  • Offering photosphere and creative panorama photo mode
  • Allowing to make incredible filters and beauty effects
  • Make amazing selfie photos
  • Recording videos with the highest resolution
  • Simple, intuitive, and dynamic user interface
  • Set Countdown Timer  
  • Add different elements to the videos and photos such as stickers, images, colors, text, background, and so on
  • Noise removed from the videos
  • Use different professional effects, transitions, and animations, with the pictures and videos
  • Supporting stylish HDR to improve the images light
  • Preview filter effects before capturing photos
  • Quick size and auto stabilize
  • Face detection features
  • Scene mode
  • Zoom in and out of the picture ( zoom in up to 4 times)
  • Supporting the backlit scene
  • Landscape and portrait of the videos
  • Adjust the setting like ISO and shutter
  • Speed up and down the videos
  • Create different styles of photos

HD Camera app is free completely. If you install the APK latest version from this site. You need not use your credit card. So, there is no tension in the financial transaction. Besides, it is a lightweight application. Your device does not get a heavy burden if you install it.

This application updates and upgrades regularly to keep it clean by fixing different dangerous elements such as malware, bugs, and threats. As a result, you get a smooth app to run. So, you can install it to increase the performance of your camera.

In a nutshell, the latest HD Camera APK must surprise you with its unique features. You can capture better quality videos and photos to share with your friends. So, install it and enjoy its better features.

HD Camera
KX Camera Team

16.22 MB

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