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Description of Hangouts

Hangouts app is a communication platform for an Android user that has designed by Google. You can connect with people, make friends and chat with them. You don’t need to have a phone number but have a Google account.

Generally, Google services draw a distinctive position in the market as it maintains safety, security, and legal procedures. Hangouts application is 100% safe and secure as it updates regular basis to get rid of malware attacks. Besides, it is a completely legal app. It followed all kinds of international rules, regulations to set up and run. So, don’t feel doubt and hesitation to install and use this communication app.

The interesting matter is that the Hangouts is 100% free. You need not pay a single penny to install and enjoy its functions. That is why it is popular all over the world. Presently,

In the similar field, there is a hundred of the competitor in the market among all of those it is one of the best instant messaging apps for android users. Mainly, its distinctive features and functions make it remarkable. Some features and functions are given below:

Necessary Features and Functions of Hangouts app:

  • Exchanging text messages and video chat
  • Having the option of phone text messaging
  • Allows create a similar interest group
  • Store your past chats and refer to that message as you require anytime
  • 150 people can attend hangouts simultaneously but for videos, it limits only 25 people
  • Doing voice call, video call, messaging, and group call
  • User-friendly interface. You can easily navigate, manage and operate. Don’t need to have a huge knowledge of technology. Just having a Gmail account to get hangout install
  • Exchange and send different files such as images, Animated GIFs, emoji, stickers, videos, and text
  • Send a message to your friend when they are offline. They get a message when coming in online
  • Call any phone number anytime across the world

In brief, the Hangouts app gives you an amazing experience to connect and communicate all over the world. So, you can install and enjoy its great service.

Google LLC

26.93 MB

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