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Description of Gulli

Gulli APK is a wonderful platform to watch television on demand. It is a French-based application for Android users. This app is very friendly for the kids as it is full of kid's resources to enjoy such as cartoons, games, and so on. Gulli app telecast many programs.

Every week, it offers the latest hundreds of episodes for children to entertain. So, this Gulli app is considered a reference brand for kids. As a result, it gains popularity among children as they find all their favorite cartoon heroes and they embody their favorite heroes.

Overall, it creates happiness and peace in children’s minds. The interesting matter is that kids can bookmark different content to enjoy in their free time. The app has a free and paid version. You can choose the free version installed from this website getting all exclusive channels.

In this case, you do not need to make payment from your e-wallet. The latest Gulli application offers different genres of content such as cartoons, movies, TV series, etc. The channels provide fun, challenge, and enjoyment for all ages people.

  • Cartoons – Pokemon, Angry Birds, Beyblade, and so on
  • TV shows – Gulli Mag, In Ze Boite, Un Chef à Ma Porte, etc.
  • Children and family series i.e. ICarly, Power rangers Super Samouraï, Ma baby Sitter Est Un Vampire,
  • Free video games to play

Gulli offers to watch content online and offline.

Whenever you do not have any internet connection you can watch your favorite content as you can create the playlist by downloading. So, wherever you go, no problem. Presently, Gulli’s shows its video content in various countries such as French, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Belgium.

In the future, the access areas will increase for the other countries' audiences.

Features of Gulli Application

  • Customizing practically – you can take control of the application whenever the account is created. There is an option to count viewing time, create a personalized profile, etc.
  • Multimedia – 4 screens of multimedia can be seen simultaneously. Having Chromecast to join Android steaming into big-screen TV. So, it helps to watch everything very lively way.
  • Available Video On Demand (VOD)
  • In a full season, children can get access to above 4000 videos
  • Showing no irritation ads
  • Every month users find a newly released content  
  • Notify the upcoming movies, cartoons, and drama series
  • Provide the schedule. So, you do not miss any episode
  • Resume your episode where you last time stopped or left to watch
  • Automatic playback
  • Parental control system

Gulli app is 100% legitimate for the users. It does not breach any copyright law. So, people who install the app never face any problems. It updates regularly to fix the unsafe element that may attack frequently such as bugs, malware, and threats. So, don’t feel hesitant to install the app.

In short, the latest Gulli APK is an amazing catch-up app that offers the most famous TV channels for children and families. It offers the latest 70 episodes every week. You find content available 24/7. So, you get unlimited enjoyment.

Jeunesse TV

20.63 MB

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