Groupon, Inc.

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Description of Groupon

Groupon APK is an Android app that allows users to buy and redeem different deals online.

This Groupon app offers daily coupons, cashback, and discounts on purchases in restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers. If you use it, you can track purchase voucher and expired date. Mainly, the effort is taken to lure or attract clients and customers to purchase products quickly and easily.

The interesting matter is that if you refer your friends to purchase the specific deal you get a special discount. You can share the deals and plans with friends via email and social media networks i.e. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and so on.

After completing your purchases using the latest Groupon application, you can either print your coupon or bring your Android phone to scan it directly from the device’s screen. The wonderful matter is that you can identify the best deals that offer in your own city.

Key Features of Groupon

  • Available supports in 500 cities in the world
  • Offers to sort out  by the proximity of the location
  • Offering cheap plans and deals on hotels, hair & beauty salon, yoga studio & Gyms, concerts, movie tickets, leisure, travel & tours, and special menus of the restaurants and fast food chains
  • Offering from 40% to 60% off based on going market price
  • Tailor the deals for different cities in different ways
  • Notify about the deals that going on in real-time
  • Covering area the USA & European cities
  • A simple user interface to operate
  • Print or scan the barcode to redeem
  • Discover your cities from the in-built search box where you can write your city name such as NYC, Las Vegas, Boston, Denver, Miami, Seattle, Washington DC, and so on
  • Control the expiration date
  • Save 700% and get about 1000 deals nearby always
  • Getting special promo codes and saving alerts
  • Special offers for holidays, vacations, and events
  • Deals categories cover personal services, food & drink, shopping, electronics, women’s fashion, fun, fashion, travels, health, wellness, and fitness
  • Save the favorite items
  • Segregate new and old users

Groupon application is lightweight for Android smartphone users.

It occupies low space from your Android memory or RAM If you install this app. So, your device does not lose operational speed. Besides, it is a free app 100%. You do not need to pay money from your pocket if you target the latest APK version from this website.

Updating daily, it fixes the unwanted bugs, threats, and malware from your device. So, you get a clean and smooth platform to run on your device. Besides, it is a secured app. If you install you do not lose your valuable data. Groupon app is legitimate overall.

All legal rules were followed before coming into the existence. Groupon APK allows you to get the best stuff and service to see, eat and enjoy. As a consequence, this app gain popularity worldwide. So, you do not hesitate to download and install the app for your usage.

Groupon, Inc.

37.98 MB

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