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Description of Grab

Grab APK is an excellent application for Android smartphone users to book their transportation quickly. It is very secure for foreigners who find a convenient ride to reach their destination safely without facing any unwanted problems and hassles. Presently, Grab’s focuses are is in south-east Asia.

Grab application offers 3 services,

  1. Private driver services: Thre is a chance to deceive by an illegitimate taxi driver if you are a foreign tourist. Besides, for language problems, you cannot communicate properly to hire your transport. It provides you service to find your transport easily and quickly.
  2. Home delivery service of foods and parcels: Thre is a developed courier to deliver your favorite restaurant's food. Besides, you can send your necessary and emergency parcels to the home. 
  3. Grabpay system: By using the app, you can pay for your online purchase. So, it can be considered as your e-wallet.

This service app is designed considering for all classes and income levels people. Anybody can afford it. It solves your real-time transportation problem. As a result, Grab app gains popularity all over the world. It generate income opportunity for all related partners & stakeholders.

Key Benefits of Grab

  • The best option for tourists, travelers, and visitors
  • Use as a courier service and rideshare service
  • Receive reward points for using the app
  • Available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore
  • Rideshare to decrease the cost
  • Choose the ride within your budget
  • After calling, you get the ride immediately
  • Various vehicles are included for transportation such as Taxi, Car, and Bike
  • Alone or shared ride with other passengers

There interesting matter is that Grab application is free for Android users. You do not spend a single penny from your wallet. Besides, it is a safe and secure application. There is no hidden risky element such as virus or malware that damages or destroys your device.

In addition, it updates and upgrades to clean the app regularly. So, Grab application is not attacked by bugs or bloatware. As a result, your device never loses speed. Without facing hassle, you can use it for your convenience.

In a nutshell, Grab APK is a great blessing for foreign tourists. They can easily get their services without facing any sort of hassle. So, people who come outside the country choose the app frequently for their benefit. So, you can download and install the APK version from this website.

Google Commerce Ltd

150.3 MB

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