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Google Support Services

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Description of Google Support Services

Google Support Services APK allows sharing of Android screens with Google customer support. It gives you a personalized support experience. Here, the agent invites you to share your screen and guide you in on-screen annotation making it quicker and simpler to resolve relevant issues.

When you share your screen in the latest Google Support Services application, the agent cannot control your device. But it is possible to see the screen to explain the instructions. The important matter is that you can stop sharing your screen at any time.

If you share your screen what happens?

  • You can control your phone, nobody can take control of your phone
  • Any time pause the sharing
  • Show where you need to look at and what to click

We will be able to see everything on the screen while sharing. If you log in or set any password and see the photo it can be identified. We never see anything if you do not share.

How To Share Your Screen

Sharing a screen is very simple and easy. Let’s see some steps below.

  1. Download Google Support Services APK, install it, and open it.
  2. On the Android screen, it is seen as an option or section i.e. “ Share your screen for guided help invitation”.
  3. On the invitation just confirm if you are willing to share your screen.

The amazing matter is that you can pause, resume, and he is sharing. When you pause sharing the green border turns into gray. When you stop sharing the border get vanished. Here, you find 2 options – tap share the screen and click on pause.

You do not get feared about anything as images are not recorded from your device.

Google Support Services app is 100% free. You do not get worried about the payment. Besides, it is a small size app for your Android. It occupies low data and small space from your device's memory or RAM. So, you can install it on a low-end device.

As a consequence, you do not lose the navigational speed of Android. It includes 271 support services for the users such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Docs, Google cloud search, Google Meet, Google Chat, and so on. It is safe, secure, and legal.

You do not feel doubt as it was developed by Google. It does not contain any harmful bugs and viruses. So, you do not get worried about the harmful elements. Besides, if you install the app, you do not lose the valuable data and information that are stored on your device.

In addition, Google Support Services is completely a legal application. It followed all legal procedures set up it. Still, it does not breach any legal procedures. So, you do not get worried about the legality, safety, and security issues. You just install the kit and enjoy its services.

In a nutshell, Google Support Services APK is a very handy app for Android users. Overall, this app is a superb app that permits you to share your Android smartphone screen with Google customer support. So, you do not delay installing the app.

Google Support Services
Google LLC

16.11 MB

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