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Google Street View
Google LLC

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Description of Google Street View

Do you want to travel to every country virtually?

If yes, you need to download Google Street View APK from here. It is a wonderful application for Android smartphone users to identify streets and locations virtually. This app is designed and developed by Google. It is a technology featured in Google maps and Google Earth.

Google Street View application provides an interactive panorama to position many streets in the world. This platform was launched in 2007. At that time, it was available for San Francisco, New York, Miami, and Denver. Now, it serves all over the world. It was released on August 9, 2021, for Android.

People rely on this application to search for services and goods such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and many more. The surprising matter is that the latest Google Street View app is 100% free for Android smartphone users. You do not need to make payment a single cent from your credit card.

So, don’t get worried about the mone issue. Besides, it is a lightweight app for your device. It occupies low data and space from your mobile phone. as a result, this app is not a burden for your Android. So, thre is no chance to lose your device's navigational and operational speed and stability.

You can operate your Android phone without slowing down the device.

Features of Google Street View

  • See photographic representation of the area where you stay
  • Option to create, view, share street imagery by using this app
  • Explore places around the globe
  • Finding 360-degree panoramas and camera
  • A series of connected photos of the street to find paths
  • Discover world landmarks, natural places, and wonders i.e. museums, arenas, restaurants, and small business
  • Track where you are
  • Inbuilt search option where you pot your location and find huge images of this location
  • Import 360-degree photos from your saved file
  • Connect 360-degree camera
  • Create profile
  • Having a photosphere to create a look around panorama standing in one location
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Shoot and publish the image in one go

Undoubtedly, the mobile app is a safe application as it was produced by Google. It updates and cleans the app now and then. So, you do not find any unwanted bugs, malware, and viruses. as a consequence, it runs smoothly. Besides, it is a secure application as it has a strong privacy policy.

You do not lose your private data if you use this app.

In addition, Google Street View app is 100% legitimate. It followed all international rules, procedures, regulations, and standards. Evidence is yet to be found that it has any illegal issue. So, you do not think twice about the app installation.

In a nutshell, the Google Street View APK allows you to view and publish pictures from 360-degree angles. It is a very handy application that helps to trace your location & street quickly, easily, and effectively. So, you do not feel an iota of doubt about it as it is a Google product.

Google Street View
Google LLC

35.40 MB

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