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Description of Google Spotlight Stories

Google Spotlight Stories APK is a new form of storytelling application that is made for mobile and Virtual reality. You find interactive and 360-degree stories for all ages people all around the world.  Your Android phone becomes your entertainment tool.

The latest Google Spotlight Stories application implies storytelling for VR.

Technologists and artists generate huge stories for Android smart mobile 360, Mobile VR, and room-scale VR headsets, and produce innovative tech that makes it possible. You can enjoy and entertain the people's experience as well as look listen, and explore.

You never worry about missing anything. This Google Spotlight Stories app offers you a lot of entertaining and interesting stories. Here some sample stories' names are mentioned below for your attraction.

Age of Sail: It is about a journey on the open ocean in 1900 where an old sailor adrift alone in the North Atlantic. Age of Sail is the story of William Avery. It is directed by John Kahrs and voiced by Ian McShane.

PIGGY: A jogging pig meets a tasty cake. It creates a great interaction between the character and the audience. It is directed by Jan Pinkava and Mark Ofdedal.

Back to the Moon: Its story is centered on an adventurous queen and evil green man's journey. This story is directed by FX Goby and Helene Laroux.

Isle of Dogs: It is an animated film. Here, you find the Face to Face dog casting.

SON OF JAGUAR: It is directed by Jorge Guiterrez. Once a mighty masked Luchador and Son of jaguar face legacy and family.

Sonaria: It is a vivid journey of sound and light directed by Scot Stafford and Chromosphere.

PEARL: Pearl follows a girl and her father as they chase their dreams. It is directed by Patrick Osborne.

Rain or Shine: This story is directed by Felix Massie. The sun is shining and birds are singing.  There is a spring in everybodys’ step.

PLANET OF THE COUCHES: Still it released 600 episodes.

Buggy Night: Directed By Mark Oftedal

ON ICE: Directed By Shannon Tindle

HELP: Directed by Justin Lin.

Special Delivery: Directed by Tim Ruffel.

The interesting matter is that Google Spotlight Stories latest version is a free for Android users.

You do not need to pay a single cent from your wallet. So, there is no tension about the financial issue. Besides, it is a lightweight app for your device. If you install the latest APK version from this website it never gets burdened for your Android. You can install the app on a low-end device.

So, you do not lose your device's navigational speed.

Google Spotlight Stories app is undoubtedly a safe application. It does not contain any sort of unwanted bugs, viruses, and malware. Besides, If you install it you do not lose your valuable data and information. So, it is a secure app 100%. In addition, it is a legitimate app.

It followed all international rules and regulations to set up it. In a nutshell, the latest Google Spotlight Stories APK gives you entertaining content that never feels you bored. So, without thinking twice you can install it.

Google Spotlight Stories
Google LLC

8.99 MB

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