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Google Sheet

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Description of Google Sheet

Google Sheet APK is an excellent app for Android users that is spreadsheet of Google Drive. It allows users to create, write, and edit files online and offline with an auto-saving function. In the editing part, you can get MS Excel all functions such as copy, cut, paste, formatting, use formula, create different sheets with name, create the filter, data validation, conditional formatting, clear formatting, different calculation, text color, background color, bold, italic, underline, adding image, create different columns, different fonts, and so many.

Presently Google Sheet application supports 83 languages in all countries such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Indonesian, Arabic, and so on.

Key Features of Google Sheet

· Create or open Google Sheet and name it

· Share with people or groups by Adding an email address 

· Copy Google Sheet link to share with others by email, and social media networks

· Send a copy of different formats such as Exel (.xlsx) PDF Document (.pds), open document format (.ods), Web Page (HTML, Zipped),

· Make a duplicate copy of the file by a different name

· Download the documents

· Create a folder and keep files in the created folder

· Having print option. You can select the paper size to complete the print, before that you can see the print layout

· The search option to find out previous files and folders

· Remove or delete unnecessary files and folders

· Manage people and links – here restrict people, only added people can open the link

· Text rotation – tilt up & down, Stack vertically, rotate up & down, and custom angle

· Ad different charts and images

· Insert rows above & below and columns left & right

· Automatically save the data and information

Google Sheet app is 100% free to install. You do not need to pay a single penny from your pocket. Besides, it is a lightweight application for android users as it occupies lower space from your device memory. That is why your device never gets burdened.

In addition, it updates regularly to fix bugs, malware, and threats. So, u can use the app and device smoothly and quickly. As a result, it is so popular worldwide. Google Sheet APK is a wonderful service of Google. You can preserve your document easily and simple way.

People all over the world choose it for their convenience.

So, you do not think twice to install the app.

Google Sheet
Google LLC

88.67 MB

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