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Google Play Services

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Description of Google Play Services

Google Play Services app is an excellent tool that works as the middleman between apps and online products of search engines. Mainly, it connects apps and Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Drive, etc. So, it is one of the most vital parts of Android phones.

Almost, all android services are control by Google Play Services as without this application, apps, games, and tools may not work properly. It is a very crucial app for all other apps to function rightly. So, Google Play Services is very significant to keep the service in your android mobile phone.

If you uninstall the app you must become a loser.

To enhance users’ experience, it serves:

  • Access Google Map
  • Location service
  • Google Drive to store the files
  • Google Play Game Service
  • Sign in with Google Plus
  • Google cast allows connecting with other devices
  • Google wallet
  • Google play protect
  • Google Fit
  • Google Account authentication methods

Google Play Services application is very safe and secure. There is no threat, virus and malware available to harm the devices. So, it does not affect your device and other apps. Moreover, solving international all legal procedures, rules, and regulations, it came to the market.

For this reason, users do not face any difficulties and problems.

Useful Functions and Features:

  • Having centralized update management of all the installed applications
  • Not required much mobile internet data
  • Synchronize and act as an intermediary 
  • Find latest Google Features and technology
  • Follow unification android security system
  • Scanning about 50 million apps per day
  • Partners of app defense alliance include ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium
  • Fixing bugs quickly

In a nutshell, Google Play Services app enhances your experience of using your device. So, it is very essential for your android phone.

Google Play Services
Google LLC

96.95 MB

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