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Description of Google Maps

Do you search for a web mapping platform?

If yes, you can choose Google Maps APK on your mobile device. It allows you to navigate your world easily and quickly. It directs and provides information to search and find the places that you want. So, it is considered a virtual local guide.

In this Google Maps app, you find 220+ countries, regions, and territories maps.

You find hundreds of millions of places and businesses on this map. In addition, you get real-time GPS, Navigation, transit and traffic information. Moreover, explore and discover local neighborhoods where to find a shopping mall, restaurant and so many by using location-based keywords that you need.

The latest Google Maps application transit info helps you to catch your train, bus, rideshare, and airplane. This is because you find the schedule and specific time of everything. It also provides you with real-time ETA and traffic situations.

The information helps you to take a quick decision on a different aspect of your life journey.

Key Features of Google Maps

  • Offering satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360-degree panoramic views of the street, and so on
  • Providing route planning for traveling such as foot, car, byke, air,
  • View the street, indoor of a restaurant, shops, museum and so on
  • Search and navigate without internet available connection
  • Review the places that were visited
  • Shortlisted favorite places and share that with the closest one and friends
  • Identify the local expert in different fields such as SEO expert, Digital marketing expert, environmentalist, best chefs, technologist, influencer, and so on
  • Identify the new trends in the market
  • Add photos of missing roads and places
  • Rerouting based on traffic, incidents, and road closer
  • Finding the latest information about the business such as grocery store, super shop, and important places
  • Providing spoken direction
  • Available in multilingual

Google Maps app is very popular all over the world to find places virtually. Presently, above 1 billion people use it for their convenience. In 2008, the platform was released for Android devices. In 2013, it was the world's most famous Android app.

The amazing matter is that the this app is 100% free for Android users. You do not get worried about payment. Besides, it does not get a burden for your Android as it is a small-sized app. Therefore, there is no problem you have to face about speed and stability.

This platform is a Google service that is completely safe for Android users. It does not have dangerous elements and components such as malware, bugs, viruses, threats, and bloatware. This is because it keeps updated always to fix the annoying elements that attack time and again.

In addition, it is a secure application for your Android device.

You do not lose the confidential information that you preserved on our Android phone. Moreover, the Google Maps app APK is a 100% legal and legitimate application. So, users do not face any sort of unnecessary problem as it never engages in illegal activities.

In the end, you do not think twice to install and run the app for your convenience. It gives you a great experience of finding your required places.

Google Maps
Google LLC

180 MB

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