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Google Lens

Google LLC

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Description of Google Lens

Google Lens application is a great tool that uses as an image recognition technology. It allows you to identify information about the world. AI keeps a front role to do the activity. Now, the real world is in your hand. It is a great boon for Android mobile phone users.

It gathers the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)  with deep machine learning (ML) to give users information and data about various things that are associated with our regular events and activities happening daily. Google Lens app can identify and understand the object's context and subject.

For example, if you capture a picture of a plant it provides your picture with other information such as location, date, and so on. You can copy the text, and pasting them to improve the database.

You don’t need to spend a single penny to enjoy this Google Lens app. It is 100% free for android users. Besides that, Google Lens is safe and secure as it does not carry any harmful threat that affects your device. In addition that, it is 100% legitimate as it is not associated with any illegal activity.

So, you can install and use the application for your convenience.

Useful Features and Functions of Google Lens:

  • Using the android phone camera, recognize everything that surrounds us
  • Gaining information about the place, landmarks, animals, plants, products, and other objects
  • Scanning and auto translating the text
  • Identify the relevant information related to objects
  • Visual analysis based on a neural network
  • Live translation of other available languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Chinese, Duch, Danish, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Turkis, Vietnamese, Swedish, Russian, and so many
  • Available in different countries, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Austria, German, Sweden, Czech Republic, Colombia, Denmark, French, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Itali, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, USA, UK, Portugal, Russia, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UAE, Poland, Singapore, New Zealand and so many
  • Standalone application
  • Find and preserve the historical data
  • Recognizing varieties by Google Lens such as plant varieties and animal species, shopping items, and so on  
  • Integrated with Google Photos and Google Assistant apps
  • Scan QR codes, barcodes
  • Create a calendar event such as birthday, Mariage anniversary, and so on

In a nutshell, the latest Google Lens application gives your exciting features that must be unimaginable and surprising. It allows you to search for what you see.

Google Lens
Google LLC

34.89 MB

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