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Description of Google Home

Google Home application is an amazing smart platform that connects to other devices to control everything by your Android phone. It is a service of Google that is Artificial Intelligence to answer questions and commands.

Presently it has 100 million users. Google Home app is so popular all over the world for its usefulness.

It manages every task associated with your life i.e. Set up, manage control, and connect thousands of home products like light on and off, a camera on and off, lock and unlock doors and windows, stream music from your devices, control security alarm, television on, off, & sound control,  make phone calls,  take notes, set reminders clock, send text message.

Generally, the latest Google Home app assists you to set up and control Google, Nest, home speakers & displays, and Chromecast. It also helps you to control thousands of compatible lights, speakers, cameras, and so on. It is a 100% free application. It does not have any charge to install and use the app.

Normally, in the market, Google’s services don’t have a doubtful notion. It remains safe and secure as it updates regular basis. Google Home app does not carry any malware that affects your device. This app is 100% legitimate as before coming into the market, it accomplished all legal procedures. So, without feeling any kind of hesitation, you can install and use it for your convenience.

Usefulness and Features of Google Home:

  • Add up to 6 users to every speaker
  • Customize Google Home for every member
  • Control everything through voice commands
  • Check your reminders and recent notification of your devices
  • A preprogrammed application that answers quickly

In a nutshell, Google Home application lightening your environment, record what you are saying, and respond to what you command. So, overall it is a convenient service of Google for Android users.

Google Home
Google LLC

85.72 MB

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