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Description of Google Fit

Do you search for a wonderful fitness activity tracker?

If yes, you can install the Google Fit APK on Android phone. It is an official app of Google. It is a health-tracking platform for Android users. It helps to improve your health in a very simple way. It informs users how much exercise and activities perform every day.

Users need to set daily activity goals that include walking, running, cycling, and other activities and exercises. It is a common notion for everybody that physical activities reduce heart disease, improve mental well-being, and quality of sleep.

To monitor your activities daily, the Google Fit application is very effective for all ages people. So, you can get instructions on what kind of activities are suitable for which ages people. Google Fit was initially released on October 28, 2014 for Android smartphones.

Now, the latest Google Fit app uses sensors to record physical fitness activities that provide a comprehensive status of fitness. It provides different metrics of activities. People get encouraged to use it. People want to lead healthier lives.

Activity is very essential to get a healthy life.

Google Fit latest version instructs you to find a healthier and more active life. This application is integrated with the World Health Organization (WHO). It track heart point, move, and minutes during the activities such as walks, running, cycling, pilates, rowing or spinning, etc.

It recommends 150 heart points in a week that meet the requirement of the USA Heart Association.

Key Features of Google Fit

  • Showtime and performed activity graphically and numerically
  • Include height and weight when you begin using the Google Fit. If you losing weight it gives the information you
  • Identifying heart rate
  • Having a dark theme, sleep insight, and, workout map feature
  • To measure heart rate and respiratory status, you can use the Pixel 5 camera
  • Unmentioned metrics are deleted within 30 days
  • Activities develop heart points. If you perform the intense activity you get a double point
  • Finding actionable tips for physical activities
  • Track and Monitor your activities' progress
  • Every move or step is counted
  • Having a sleep tracking feature that helps to track sleep pattern
  • Identify the activities' pace or speed

The latest version of the Google Fit is a free application. You do not need to pay a single penny from your pocket to install and find its service. Besides, it is a lightweight app that occupies low data and space from your memory. So, it is installed low-end device.

As a result, the app is not a burden for your Android. So, you do not lose your Android navigational speed. In addition, this Google Fit APK is 100% safe and secure. So, do not hesitate to install it. In the end, the app gives you a holistic view of your health.

So, you can decide before starting any fitness activity.

Now, without thinking twice, you can install it for your better health and fitness.

Google Fit
Google LLC

30.83 MB

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