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Google Family Link

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Description of Google Family Link

Do you want to help your kid to create healthy digital habits?

If yes, you can install the Google Family Link APK now. It is a parental control system that helps to manage the kids from the Android smartphone. You can limit children's access to certain content. Overall, it helps you to control your kids' Android use.

The first thing, you can do after downloading and installing that is Created A Kid Account. After creating the profile, set the limitation of access. Keep determined which content kids access and which are not. You can select the types of apps, tools, games, time, and day to limit the access.

Parents like the Google Family Link app as it shows the activities status that perform the kids during Android use. You can identify the using time duration on specific apps. This report and status you find in this app help to advise the kids to display advantages and disadvantages.

So, kids can get on thre right track.

Google Family Link application sets a great guide for kids to learn, play, and explore online cautiously. Children can get access through their profile or account that their parent keeps open. In this profile, there is a guideline and system developed. As a result, children can know the dos and don’ts.

As such they get a positive guide to move the r step in the digital world.

The latest Google Family Link is getting popular at the same time as Digital World. A lot of dangers lurk in the digital world that is harmful to the young, teens, and kids users. So, parents find such an option to get rid of the children from the risky content.

It has 2 different application,

  • Parent - manage content viewing of children
  • Children and teens – manage kids' devices by setting parameters. So, open a children's profile with several guides

Key Features of Google Family Link app,

  • Limit the kids' users to use technology and social networks
  • Monitor the activities that perform in the digital world
  • Where and how much time passes your kids you can get their status in detail. So, you can decide how to control your kids from the unwanted content and apps access
  • Identify the location of your kids in realtime
  • Identify the frequently visited and open sites & apps
  • See daily weekly, and monthly using reports
  • Block the children to download unwanted apps, tools, and games
  • Hide specific apps on the device
  • Shows teacher recommended apps
  • Parents review the child installed apps
  • Available in 38 languages in 38 countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan and so many

You do not need to pay a single cent from your pocket. It is 100% free. This app is lightweight. If you install it your device does not get burdened. You can install it low-end device as it occupies low space from your device. So, you don’t lose your device's navigational speed.

So, without delay, you can install it. In the end, Google Family Link APK set guides and parameters for the children's device uses. The app allows parents to approve, disapprove as well as restrict content.

Google Family Link
Google LLC

59.16 MB

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