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Google Docs

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Description of Google Docs

Google Docs APK is one of the most powerful services of Google. It is definitely an amazing web-based doc app that allows you to create text and edit existing documents. It is so popular all over the world’s Google users. Presently, it is available in 100 languages.

This Android application is 100% free. Users don’t need to purchase it. So, you can enjoy a huge facility to create and edit documents for your convenience. Google Docs app is undoubtedly a safe, secure, and legal application.

You don’t feel worried about its security and safety as it does not carry any sort of dangerous malware, virus, and threat. In addition, it never damages your Android’s speed and stability as it updates and cleans bugs regular basis.

Furthermore, it is a 100% legitimate app that followed all international legal procedures and standards. So, users are in a safe and secure zone. They don’t face any hassle. At present, the Google Docs application has several competitors in the market.

But, it defeats others to make itself conspicuous by several unique characteristics and functions.

To get a grief idea, some are given below.

Features of Google Docs:

  • Online word processor to create and format the document as you want
  • Doc editor suite includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawing, Google Forms, Google Sites, Google Keep, and so on.
  • Collaborating with other users in real-time 
  • Block and open editing option when send and share documents with others. An online copy can update and change
  • Export, Opening, and Saving documents in various formats such as Rich Text Format, Plain Unicode Text, Zipped HTML, Microsoft Word, PDF, EPUB, Docx, Txt, Rtf, Odt,  and so on
  • Allowing File limits 1.02 million characters
  • Highly useful and fast performance
  • An online copy can update and change
  • Documents save automatically
  • Authorize other contacts to edit documents
  • Team or Group and outside of company’s people can work from anywhere in the world. A teammate can find instant updates on whatever happens in the document.  
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Hundreds of fonts and other functions to create your document functional

In brief, Google Docs APK gives you a smart document creating and editing experience. It is so friendly documents creation platform for everybody all over the world. So, you can install the app and ease your document creating.

Google Docs
Google LLC

91.27 MB

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