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Description of Google Chat

Google Chat APK is an amazing communication software designed and developed by Google. Initially, it was published for business environment and team. Now, it is available in the market for users. You can exchange direct messages, create groups & manage group conversation.

The amazing matter is that you can make a phone call through the latest Google Chat app if you have Google Voice for Google Workspace Account. You just direct message to the person who you want to call. From the contact list, you can select the number and make the call.

Previously, this app is known as Hangout Chat. It launched on March 9, 2017.

This Google Chat application was rebranded as a Google Chat on April 9, 2020.  After rebranding, Hangouts all conversations, contacts, and history migrated to it. It is a very quick app that allows you to exchange messages and different files. Now, it is integrated with the GSuite.

The first thing you need to have email address.

Enter your email and join Google Chat platform. After joining, it is possible to see your colleagues on the list with photos and email addresses. This app permits you to make private chat by opening a private group where you can include as many people as you need.

Due to integration with the Gsuite, you can share documents and files quickly and edit the document.

Key Features of Google Chat

  • Allowing to exchange messages, send voice records, make audio and video calls,
  • Create a group and make a group call and invite people to join the group
  • In a group conversation, up to 150 people can join

Google Chat APK divides into 2 sections,

  1. Chat: it contains a direct conversation with people and groups.
  2. Spaces: It is called Rooms where people can chat share files, and assign tasks. It has 3 taps – chat tabs for chatting, files tab for file sharing, and tasks tab for creating and assigning tasks.

If you want to chat with any person, you can enter your email address or name. You just select “Invite to Chat’’. A message surfaces in the chat section that ask for permission to chat with you. if you accept you will see the name of your chat contact.

Google Chat app is a free app for Android. You do not need to pay a single cent from your pocket. Besides, it is a small size app. It occupies low space and data. As a result, it does not get burdened. You can install the app on a low-end device. So, Android speed does not reduce.

Google Chat APK is safe for Android users. No risk factors are available that harm your device. Besides, it is secure. you do not lose your data if you install it. In addition, it is a legal app. Following all of the international rules, it came to the market. It is a very useful app.

Connect and communicate with huge people virtually. So without a doubt, you can install it.

Google Chat
Google LLC

29.19 MB

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