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Google Calendar

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Description of Google Calendar

Do you want to find virtual notifications and a reminder of an important meeting?

If yes, you can install the Google Calendar APK now. It is an excellent app that was designed and developed by Google. It is a Time Management and schedule calendar service. Fundamentally, you can use this platform to make a schedule for different meetings and events.

If you make a schedule you get a reminder notification about upcoming activities. The latest Google Calendar app was beta released on 12 April 2006 and finally released in July 2009. People have huge schedules in personal and professional arenas. All are not easy to remember.

In this circumstance, you can take the help of a great app that is Google Calendar application. You can make your schedule to remind every day's schedule. So, there is no chance to miss your important schedule. This Android mobile application is a free for users.

There is no cost to install this application on your smartphone. Besides, it is a lightweight app that occupies low space in your Android memory. As a result, it does not get burdened on your device. So, you do not lose your device's navigational speed.

Features of Google Calendar

  • Create & edit schedule and events
  • Location and time can be included
  • Create multiple calendars
  • Easy to share the schedule with other
  • Other users can be invited to the events
  • Calendar design for teams. So, a schedule can use individuals and teams together
  • Enable and disable visibility of special schedules such as Birthday, Marriage day, and so on
  • The app retrieves the birthday from Google contracts and displays birthday cards year on year basis
  • Date of special occasions such as Holidays
  • Gmail messages are added automatically to the Google Calendar
  • Update new information
  • Smart suggestions – app recommend titles and contacts
  • Users enter information for specified personal goal
  • Automatically schedule the activity at the optimum time
  • Google Calendar sets start time and stop time. Besides, it has an all-day schedule option.
  • Adding Color for different events to customize the schedule that helps to recognize the schedule easily
  • Different types of a setup such as a day, week, month, and so on
  • Getting notification before events occurring

Google Calendar app is a 100% safe. it does not have any risk factors or elements that harm your device. This is because it updates always to remove dangerous elements. As a result, you find a clean and risk-free app to run. Besides, this app is completely secure.

If you install it you do not lose your important information. Its great privacy policy helps you to protect your private data. Moreover, it is a legal app. All international legal procedures and rules are followed to set up the app. This mobile app is an official tool of Google.

It allows you to note down any date or event on your virtual calendar. So, you do not forget your scheduled activities as it reminds you time and again before your event stating. So, you never miss any schedule or appointment if you use the Google Calendar APK.

Google Calendar
Google LLC

27.36 MB

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