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Google BrailleBack
Google LLC

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Description of Google BrailleBack

Do you want to make a braille device compatible with an Android smartphone?

If yes, you can easily choose the Google BrailleBack APK to download. It is a wonderful app that is designed, developed, and listed for Android users. After realizing this, it gets famous and gained popularity. Within a short period of time, it reached 270 thousand active installs.

Besides, Google BrailleBack app gets the best rating and feedback from the users. Basically, it is designed for blind, low vision, and dyslexic users to make use of braille devices. It works with the great app TalkBack to provide a combination of braille and speech experience.

The latest Google BrailleBack application allows connecting a supported braille display via Bluetooth. In addition, the screen content is presented on the braille home screen display. So, you can navigate and make interaction with device keys on your app’s home screen.

The exciting matter is that the app makes it possible to input text using a braille keyboard. This mobile application is a very efficient and effective app for its great functions and features. Still, no strong competitors are available in the market of this app.

So, users massively depend on the app.

How To Activate The Google BrailleBack

  1. Firstly, go to the setting option of your phone.
  2. Secondly, select accessibility.
  3. Thirdly, select BrailleBack APK from here.
  4. Now, turn the switch on.
  5. Then, go back to the setting and select Bluetooth.

You need to ensure or confirm display pairing mode if your device's Bluetooth braille display is not paired. Finally, pair your display through the Bluetooth setting. For suggestion, if your display doesn’t activate braille input keys you can choose the keyboard to take help from the Bluetooth setting.

The amazing matter is that you need not spend money to buy the app. Google BrailleBack app is 100% free for Android and blind people to interact. You do not get worried about the financial transaction. It is a lightweight app. You do not need a high-end device to install. It is designed for a low-end device.

So, your device never loses the navigational speed.

You do not feel insecure about your data safety and security as it updates regularly to keep away unwanted bugs, malware, and spyware. If you install the app on your device, you do not lose your confidential data and information.

Google BrailleBack application is very needful for blind people.

They can use it to understand the digital device. It helps to read content and write to search for your necessary information within a short time. So, it eases the blind people's digital platforms use. As a result, blind users choose the app for their better convenience.

In a nutshell, Google BrailleBack APK performs with a TalkBack screen reader to give a braille experience and a combined speech. If you use this app content surfaces on your braille display. You can navigate and interact with Android using keys. Braille keyboard helps you to input text.

So, it is a great boon for blind internet users. Now, you do not think twice about installing.

Google BrailleBack
Google LLC

3.94 MB

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