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Google Assistant

Google LLC

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Description of Google Assistant

Google Assistant application is a wonderful AI-powered virtual assistant. Primarily, it is available on Android and smart devices. It is used for voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control. It is mainly designed to make conversational interaction. You just ask the question and get the answer.

For example, how old is Brack Obama?

You get an exact answer reply from Google by using Google Assistant app.

It is absolutely free for android users. You don’t need to spend a single penny to enjoy its service. Besides, it is a and safe, secure, and legal application. Google Assistant does not carry any malware that affects your device. In addition, it does not breach any legal rules. So, you do not face any hassle.

Features, Functions, and Usefulness of Google Assistant:

  • Interact with your android phone to do various tasks related to your daily things
  • Interact easier, faster, and more automated way 
  • Text Message writing & sending by saying and make a phone call with voice commands
  • Capturing photos by not touching your device
  • Getting weather information and news
  • Play music and videos straightly from the YouTube
  • Open Google Maps and its directions   
  • Setting up reminders for special events
  • Available in different languages such as Japanese, English, French, German, Portuguese, and so on
  • Capable to search the internet, create scheduled event reminder and alarm, able to identify objects and gather visual information, and so on

Overall, Google Assistant application is the next-generation way of searching. So, do conversation and complete tasks.

Google Assistant
Google LLC

1.09 MB

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