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Google Arts & Culture

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Description of Google Arts & Culture

Do you want to meet your curiosity?

If yes you can install the wonderful app name Google Arts & Culture APK now. It is an excellent educational application designed and developed by Google LLC. In this app, you find treasures, stories, and knowledge. Now, you get to over 2000 cultural institutes in 80 countries.

Google Arts & Culture app is one of the most powerful to explore cultural works around the globe.

Google Cultural Institute collaborates with hundreds of museums and cultural institutes. This app’s purpose is to bring different cultures to the people of different locations. If you install the app you can get various cultures’ elements without keeping in touch physically.

It helps to visit the museums virtually. You can turn all things 360 degrees and move freely. You can use Google street view and also see the inside of the museum's appearance. The latest Google Arts & Culture application allows you to look at some famous artists in history.

Besides, you can read their biography.

You find high-quality written content and images to understand everything easily. It is a great educational app that frees access to cultural resources. It is a great app for those who love art and culture. You can see, learn and get experience and gather a details idea about art and cultures.

Key Features of Google Arts & Culture

  • Discover inspirational moments, iconic people, and artistic wonders
  • Zoom in and zoom out to see everything clearly
  • Search by time and color
  • Save your favorite and share it with others
  • Finding Maya temples, Van Gogh’s works, black history, Japan’s unique food culture, incredible Indian railways, Paris opera, NASA’s archive
  • Finding cultural stories and heritage
  • Support different languages to translate
  • Update regularly to add a new collection of art works for the users
  • Showing different ages of useable objects and artifacts
  • Attractive user interface. So, a poor tech-savvy person can operate the app easily and enjoy its contents

Google Arts & Culture app highlights several issues such as art transfer, art selfie, Color Palette, art projector, pocket gallery, art camera, 360-degree videos, virtual reality tours, exploration by time & color, and art recognizer. It is so nice that you can discover 100000 art works by searching colors.

The interesting matter is that you can find the app for free. There is no option to use a credit card to make any payment. So, you do not need to think about the financial issues. Besides, Google Arts & Culture is very lightweight that occupies low space from your Android memory and RAM.

You do not lose the device's operational speed. This is because it can keep on a low-end device.

In a nutshell, Google Arts & Culture APK gives you a virtual adventure. You never feel bored at any time. New and surprising things are available in this app that you see before. Overall, it gives you a great taste of virtual travel. As a consequence, it is very popular all over the world.

So, without feeling hesitation you can install the app for your convenience.

Google Arts & Culture
Google LLC

64.49 MB

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