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Google Ads

Google LLC

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Description of Google Ads

Do you want to create and manage ads campaign for different platforms of Google?

If yes, you can download Google Ads APK from here. This app’s formal name is Google AdWords. It is a digital or online advertising system developed by Google LLC. It started its journey on October 23, 2000. Now, it has a mobile app to stay connected with your ads campaigns.

Presently, Google Ads app is amazing that eases and quickens your activity related to ads.

How To Install The Google Ads

  1. Firstly, download Google Ads APK and install the application from this website.
  2. After finishing the installation, open the app and then sign up with a valid Gmail address.
  3. Finally, you get a customer ID.

There are several sections in the home screen’s top right corner and 3 lines of the app.

Campaign: It includes 3 steps to start advertising.

  1. Select your ad Goal ( Pick the action that you want customers to take).
  2. Create your ad (attract potential customers with an attractive ad).
  3. Set your budget ( Pay only for click on your ad. Thre is an option to change your budget at any time).
  4. Then Click on Create Ads. You find 3 options to get new customers – Phone calls, website, traffic, and visits to your location. Among these 3 you tick one section and  Now, click on Next,

Suppose you need website traffic,

You can put your business name and after that put your website address – click on next. Now, the website interface gets surfaced. Click on again next option. Finally, you find several options to fill out and run the ads from your Android mobile phone.

Fill up the different sections, you find demo ads on the latest Google Ads application screen.

Billing & Payments: You have to set it from your laptop or desktop PC by following several steps.

Feature of Google Ads

  • Track your ad campaign in real-time
  • Review high impact recommendations to optimize the performance of the ads
  • View, inspect, and monitor ad performance such as conversion, impression, and clicks
  • Manage and update quickly such as campaign, audience target, bids, budgets, keywords, area selection, and many more
  • Create, add, and, edit ads to reach customers and drive conversion or sell  
  • The interface can change in light and dark mode

Notification Categories

You can create a custom notification system – Click, cost, Impression, Status.

Besides, you can determine the notification number and then, period such as daily and weekly. Other several notification options that you can use for your convenience such as Account access, Billing, campaigns, feature updates, performance changes,  etc.

You find this Google Ads APK 100% free. But, if you want to run a campaign you must add a payment system to your ads manager to pay for your ads campaign. This Android application is a great way to run your Google advertisement from Android smartphone.

It is a very quick, easy, and useful system. People choose the online ads platform for their business ads.

Google Ads
Google LLC

52.20 MB

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