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Description of Game Guardian

Game Guardian app is a game modifier tool for Android phone. It is a very useful app to modify your device’s existing installed all games. How many installed games are available in your smartphone, Game Guardian shows the game list for you.

And after that, you find several options to select for modifying as you required. Games modification is advantageous as it helps to extract new features. So, it is wonderful for game lovers.

It goes without saying that Android video game is a powerful entertainment medium for busy people. At present time, People don’t have idle time to invest having entertainment. When people are on any journey and get free time, they use their Android device to enjoy themselves and pass time.

The moment when people get free they search, install and play the game. If you install the Game Guardian app in your device you must see a transparent icon on the screen. To enjoy the game modification, you can click the icon and open Game Guardian directly.


Game Guardian has several beneficial features that mentioning below,

  • Working on root phone (but, in limited cases, you can use it without root your device). So, you can take advantage of the app randomly.  You can do root or non-root as your mobile requirement
  • Increase and decrease the flow of time by tapping on “Floating Icon” (acceleration and deceleration)
  • User interface and options can be customized and modified during game playing time
  • 50 languages available for users
  • Encrypted values
  • User-friendly interface direction. So, anybody can modify easily
  • Do Code Injection during the runtime to modify parameters you want  

Basically, by installing the app you can customize the existing content of the games and upgrade as you want. Game Guardian app is an awesome game tool providing you chance to customize the games. So, game enthusiasts love game the app very much.

Game Guardian

14.95 MB

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