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Gallery Go

Google LLC

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Description of Gallery Go

Do you want to manage your photo gallery without being connected to the internet?

If yes, you can install a useful app named Gallery Go APK now. It is an excellent application designed and developed by Google as a photo and video gallery. The amazing matter is that all videos and images are designed to use offline on your Android smartphone.

This is an efficient, quick, and effective image gallery app. It is the lite version of Google Fotos. The latest Gallery Go app is very lightweight for Android. If you install it more or less it occupies 10 MB of data or space from your Android phone’s memory or RAM.

If you install it does not get burdened with your device.

You can install Gallery Go application on your low-end device without losing the navigational and operational speed of Android smartphone. It allows you to organize all images and videos into separate files names such as selfies, nature, documents, animals, movies, videos, food, and so on.

So, you can search and find everything quickly and easily.

Besides, this app has a basic image editor that helps to edit and modify your photos' tone, saturation, and light. In addition, you can resize and crop the image as you want by using this app. Gallery Go is a free photo organizer. You do not need to invest a single penny from your pocket.

So, you do not need to bother your head.

Key Features of Gallery Go

Thre are many applications that serve similar services but among all, it is very useful than others as it is a Google service. So, let’s see some features below that give you a brief idea about the app.

  • Organize your image using facial recognition technology
  • Optimize the app to work offline
  • Having automatic edit mode that adjusts your photos for your device  
  • Having an auto-enhance tool to improve the quality of the pictures
  • Lees time consuming to scroll through the photos
  • Copy and transfer the photo to the SD card
  • Support filter and rotate
  • Arrange your photo library based on category and date
  • More user-friendly than other similar applications
  • Share your photos on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on

Whenever you snap a picture it adds several unwanted and unnecessary things that need to be polished and make the photos attractive to the audience. In this case, the Gallery Go app helps you a lot to edit and polish your picture and make it attractive.

You do not feel doubt about the app. It is safe, secure, and legal. The authority of this app upgrades regularly to remove harmful elements to keep clean it for use. Besides, it is a secure app 100%. If you install it you do not lose your valuable data and information from Android phone.

It is completely legal as it was designed by Google. So, without feeling hesitation you can install and use it for your convenience. In a nutshell, the Gallery Go APK helps photo lovers to edit and modify their pictures and videos. So, people all over the world chose it frequently for their use.

Gallery Go
Google LLC

12.14 MB

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